LAST MINUTE: AK Party bill containing new regulations on the economy

BREAKING NEWS: The AK Party submitted a new bill to parliament. According to the bill, the social security premiums for businesses in the food and beverage sector in April and May will be covered by the unemployment insurance fund. 1500 TL will be paid to those who work in the food and beverage sector and take leave without pay in April and May. The corporate tax will be 25 percent by 2021 and 23 percent by 2022. The debts of farmers with the agricultural credit union will be restructured.

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Breaking news!

The proposal, signed by AK Denizli Party MP Nilgün Ök and 39 MPs, was presented to the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

It was pointed out that the proposal aims to implement legal regulations on various issues to meet the needs of public institutions and organizations and the demands of citizens in recent times, and that a total of 9 different laws have been reformed.

With the offer, the agricultural loan debts of the farmers to the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives are structured, which have been transferred to the collection accounts to be settled as of 12/31/2020.

Property rights are secured through the return of accounts receivable and trusts transferred to the SDIF and the Investor Compensation Center due to the statute of limitations, at the request of the beneficiaries.

The social security premiums of April and May employees who work in the food and beverage services sector are covered by the Unemployment Fund, and those who work in this sector and take leave without pay in April and May , and the convicted are paid electronically in the institutions of penal execution. where the necessary technical infrastructure is available, they have the opportunity to send and receive letters.

The provisions of Law No. 6183 on the Procedure for the Collection of Public Credits regarding the sale of movable and immovable property are modified, enabling the sale of confiscated property in an electronic environment.

The corporate tax rate will be applied at a rate of 25 percent for corporate profits in 2021 and 23 percent for corporate profits in 2022.

In calculating the daily salary based on the temporary disability allowance to be paid for the sickness and maternity insurance, a regulation is established to take into account the twelve months prior to the date of incapacity for work.

The practice of benefiting from SSI incentives, supports and premium discounts retroactively for 6 months is terminated.

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