Last day for the payment of the first installment in the restructuring of tax debts

Debt restructuringfrom the first installment of the border to the valuable housing tax and the income tax for simple taxpayers. the last pay period is due today.

It is important that the first installment is paid on time so as not to spoil the configuration.

It is possible to pay structured debts using debit and credit cards from the banks contracted through the Revenue Administration website (, according to the borrower’s preferences. In addition, debts can be paid from the bank account with the cards of banks operating in the foreign country, through banks and tax offices authorized to collect taxes or through PTT branches.


Until February 22, the tax returns for valuable housing, which has been in force since the beginning of the year, were delivered. Valuable home tax, within Turkish limits and building tax value in excess of £ 5 million in 2020. To be paid for “qualified residential real estate”.

The tax will be imposed and accrued annually by the authorized tax office where the return is filed. The payment of the first installment will be due today, the tax will be charged in two equal installments, the second installment at the end of August.


Taxpayers, such as taxi drivers, tailors, barbers, shoemakers and minibus operators, whose income is determined solely by the simple method, will also file their annual income statements until the end of the day today. These taxpayers will be able to make their declarations through the Book-Declaration System.

The income tax calculated on the annual declarations relating to the profits of the year 2020 will be paid in two equal installments. The last day of the first installment must be paid today and the second installment in June. The tax in question can be paid at the contracted banks and at all tax offices.

Today is the last day for the payment of the first installment of income tax to be paid in 2021 by service professionals who earn other salary income. In this context, there are service professionals such as those who work alongside merchants whose earnings are simply determined, drivers who work in private services, construction workers hired by private construction owners for wages, and those who work together with the owner of real estate Income from equity capital.

For the period of January 2021, the declaration and payment of the tourist participation for corporate taxpayers, the declaration and payment of the communications tax, and the declaration and payment period of the digital service tax expire today.

The filing process for last year’s annual income tax return will begin today. Taxpayers must file their returns and make their first installment payments before the end of March.


The Interior Ministry announced that the tax offices will remain open until midnight tonight, since it is the last day of the tax debt restructuring, and that the civil servants linked to the citizenship who will go to the offices public will be exempt from the restriction.

The statement made by the Ministry is as follows;

Given that the last term of payment of the debts object of the structuring will end at 24.00 today, our citizens who will go to the tax offices and other public administrations to make the payments and the personnel who work in the tax offices and public administrations that will remain open to make payments, will be exempt until midnight.

Ziraat Bank, Halkbank and Vakiflar Bank branches will also be open until midnight for restructuring payments.

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