BusinessKGF again? AKP vice-presidents and Erdogan’s relative are appointed

April 12, 202183 min

The intensity of the AKP in recent appointments to the board of directors of the Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF) is striking, which the AKP uses to overcome bottlenecks in the economy by servicing loans to the market.

One day from the newspaper Nurcan Gokdemir ‘AKP executives, former deputies, presidential and ministry bureaucrats are also appointed to these institutions as members of the administrative and supervisory council.

With the appointments made, the impression that the AKP government, which cannot support domestic demand by not lowering interest rates in an environment of high inflation, will be able to actively activate the KGF in the coming months.

In the Board of Directors of the Credit Guarantee Fund, where TOBB and KOSGEB have the largest participation and public banks have associated shares, the following names are in the administration:

  • Erdoğan Özegen: Chairman of the board, former AKP MP.
  • Hasan Basri Kurt: Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, former AKP MP, former IMM bureaucrat.
  • Mahmut Mücahit Fındıklı: Board member, AKP vice president, former AKP MP.
  • Recep Ali Erdogan: member of the board, relative of the president of AKP, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, vice president of KOSGEB, member of the board of the Federation of School Sports
  • Ömer Serdar: board member, AKP vice chairman, former provincial chairman of the Welfare Party, former AKP MP.
  • Necdet Karadeniz – Board Member, Deputy CEO of Eximbank


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