Kerevitaş’s consolidated turnover in 2020 exceeds TL 3 billion

Kerevitaş, the market leader in the frozen food and oil sectors, increased its consolidated turnover by 22.6 percent in 2020 to TL 3 billion.

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Turkey’s leading company in the fresh frozen food and margarine market Kerevitas, 2020, announced the financial results of the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP). Kerevitaş increased its consolidated turnover by 22.6 percent compared to the previous year, to TL 3,056 million. The company’s consolidated gross profit reached TL 746 million and EBITDA was TL 468.7 million.

Kerevitaş, which developed delicious, practical and innovative products in 2020 in line with the importance it attaches to innovation, offered innovative solutions to the needs of consumers in the countries where it operates and strengthened its regional leadership. While maintaining its leadership with 21 categories in frozen food and canned food and 59 brands in the petroleum business, it successfully completed a total of 67 product development projects with R&D studies. The 30 percent increase in the R&D and innovation project turnover compared to last year has been the most important indicator that Kerevitaş continues its journey with the right investments and ideas.

SuperFresh continued its growth strategy with innovative products

Kerevitaş continued to grow in 2020 with the SuperFresh brand, the frozen food industry leader, and outperformed the frozen food market with a 60 percent increase in retail turnover. With approximately 1.1 million new households in 2020, SuperFresh increased its market share by 1.2 points and strengthened its leadership in the frozen food sector with a 21.5 percent turnover share. It maintained its leading position in the brand market with a 50 percent share. In 2020, SuperFresh entered “Frozen Bakery” with its family 24/7 Bakery Bagel, Pastry and Bread, “Ready Meal” with Baked Dumplings and “Heat Eat” with Döner Potato Chicken and Meat Products.

Clear leadership in the oil market

Besler also increased its share of turnover by 2 points in 2020 to 56 percent in the margarine consumer market, where it is a leader. Thus, it increased its market share difference with its closest competitor to 33 points. By reaching 17 million households in 2020 with its high-penetration household products, Besler consolidated its leadership by achieving a 40 percent turnover share in packaged margarine with Bizim Yağ, the largest brand on the market, and achieved a 48 percent turnover share in bowl. margarine market with Teremyağ, the most innovative brand on the market. Both brands continued to maintain their 100 percent awareness.

Şükrü Çin: “We continue our leadership strongly in 2020”

Ükrü China, Executive Director of the Oil and Crayfish Business UnitHe evaluated the financial results for 2020 with the following words: “We also firmly maintained our leadership in the frozen food and margarine market in 2020. The innovative products that we launched at SuperFresh last year were highly appreciated by our consumers and we managed to earn approximately 1.1 million. of new homes, consolidating our leadership position in the market. In the Petroleum Business Unit, we reached 17 million households with our products and managed to steadily increase the market share of our leading brands Bizim Yağ and Teremyağ. In 2021 we continue to work on the basis of sustainability and efficiency, with the strength that we derive from our agile and flexible structure and the valuable support and contributions of all our stakeholders ”.

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