Kalekim applied to CMB for public offering

Kale Group companies in the construction chemicals industry and Turkey’s leading company Kalekim, the company’s shares within the scope of the IPO prospectus for Capital Markets Board (CMB) approval were found in the application. Ak Yatırım was authorized for the company’s public offering process. The draft prospectus sent to the WBC and Ak Investment It was posted on the internet sites.

Turkey’s leading company in the construction chemicals industry public offerings of shares of the company Kalekim were found in the context of CMB’s request for approval of the prospectus. Kalekim, which started its activities in 1973 with the production of ceramic adhesives and joint putty within the Kale Group, today produces a wide range of thermal and waterproofing products used in the construction sector, decorative plasters and paints, flooring solutions and all kinds of construction. chemical products.

Innovative, green and sustainable products and building chemicals sector led by Kalekim converted to generic brands, 7 provinces of Turkey (Istanbul, Balikesir, Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin, Erzurum and Mardin) and the capital of Albania, Tirana, to board a total of nine factories are producing.

Today, the production and sales capacity in Kalekim, both in Turkey, ranks first in the region, with its strong distribution network it is bringing its products to more than 80 countries with consumers and professionals.

“There is leadership in our chemistry”

Kalekim General Manager Timur Karaoğlu said:

Like Kalekim; half a century of information, knowledge and experience in the areas we operate with Turkey in the global market is one of the most important open brands. In the construction chemicals industry we lead, we bring our wide range of products covering all types of construction chemicals to consumers and professionals not only in Turkey, but also in more than 80 countries with our strong distribution network. .

As a company that respects people and the environment and provides sustainable value to society, we have always tried to add value to our clients, to society and to all those who work with us with our quality, better and more innovative solutions from the day. of our foundation. . Now, with our IPO application, we set out to share this value, which we have achieved as a result of almost 50 years of experience, with investors. Combining the vision of leadership in our chemistry with the power of our investors, we will work together for a bigger and stronger Kalekim both domestically and internationally. “

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