Journey to the world of the surreal characters Bigumigu

Dani choiHe is an illustrator who was born in South Korea and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, he draws for pleasure, as he puts it. Known for her unrealistic works and at the same time preparing illustrated children’s books, Dani highlights feelings of alienation from the world, separation and individuality in her works. There are multiple layers in his compositions, which are adorned with strange characters in vibrant colors, and it is possible to capture a different story in each layer and make different meanings depending on the perspective.

Dani compares art to a journey, putting storytelling at the center of his works. In the drawings, in which fascinating and strange characters also attract attention, in addition to the story, intriguing elements or disproportionate objects. When giant animals, plants, fruits or human bodies with disproportionate limbs are combined with bright and vibrant colors, lives from completely different universes emerge.

Dani Choi feeds on fiction and real life

While he sometimes gets results based on his observations in his works, he also delves into fictional universes in some of his works. Feeding the world of colorful and absurd characters in the movies is one of the greatest sources of inspiration to enter this fictional universe without being part of your entire life. Dani Choi by Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch The Garden of Earthly Delights painting or by Stanley Kubrick The glow In this way, it is possible to come across works that he has produced inspired by different works such as the theme of his film.

dani choidani choi

The mythological characters in Korean folk tales that you had heard in your childhood and Greek mythology that interested you in your youth allow you to present unrealistic descriptions. On the other hand, true stories can be as fascinating as fictions. Dani Choi believes that feeding on true stories provides as much inspiration as in fictional universes.

Dani Choi, who has mainly focused on still images with his drawings, intends to focus on different branches such as 3D sculpture and animation. He plans to collaborate with different artists and work on animated and interactive works. To the artist’s works from the website and Instagram from account you can reach. If you like Dani Choi’s work, we’ve already written Adrian Cox’s. Border creatures nourished by the deformed body shapes of the Danish Rune Fisker. to your drawings and an illustration by Chinese illustrator Jin Xingye called Green to the series you can take a look.


Image: Dani choi, Instagram

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