Joint declaration of TOBB, TESK, TÜSİAD and MÜSİAD

Turkish merchants, industrialists and artisans representing TOBB, TESK, TUSIAD and MUSIAD, Covidien-19 in the normalization process after the pandemic, made a statement emphasizing that price stability is an absolute priority.

The statement included the following statements;

“The trader, industrialist and representative of Turkey is marketed TOBB, TESK, as TUSIAD and MUSIAD, where there are serious disruptions in the global Covidien-19 supply chain in the normalization process after the pandemic, economic growth and employment of Turkey, we believe that price stability first priority.

Price stability Unfortunately, any recovery that begins in the economy without providing it is short-lived and narrows the investment horizons of our business people. Therefore, we consider price stability as a precondition to ensure the increased prosperity that our country deserves. The price of the investment environment in Turkey by providing stability to heal, will increase predictability, so that the added value to our country can attract new high-tech investments.

From this point of view, we closely follow the new economic reform agenda initiated under the leadership of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and we support the fight against inflation to make it a priority objective. We believe that a public-private consultation process will be extremely beneficial in efforts to combat inflation under the coordination of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank.

This consultation process will contribute to the sectoral monitoring of global and local price dynamics, and to identify structural risks, cost dynamics and imbalances between supply and demand in product groups, taking into account that all prices are form under free market conditions, which supports data-based policy design process We believe that this consultation mechanism to be established to raise awareness of the importance of fighting inflation in the business world and the positive contribution of price stability The medium-long-term growth and employment outlook will be very useful.

The Central Bank for us to succeed in fighting inflation and know what they need to support all stakeholders in the efforts of relevant government agencies, Covidien-19 after the global recovery period to achieve the speed of the legitimate target of Turkish price stability that we share with the public that we are ready to provide all contributions. “


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