Jeff Bezos’ Earth Fund CEO Revealed

Founder of Amazon, one of the richest people in the world. Jeff Bezosthat we have allocated $ 10 billion of funds called the Bezos Earth Fund to combat the climate crisis in February of last year. we transfer. About a year after the Bezos Earth Fund was announced, it became clear who would be the CEO of the fund.

By announcing the news of the Bezos Earth Fund CEO with an Instagram post, Jeff Bezos is the Chairman and CEO of the Bezos Earth Fund. Dr. Andrew SteerHe shared that ‘it will take place. To remind you, Bezos Earth Fund offers a real possibility to protect and help preserve the world’s nature. Sciences from the people, activists, civil society organizations Y special the sector is meant to be financed.

Bezos Earth Background 2030 year until to scientists, activists and non-governmental organizations in total. 10 billion dollars Let’s add that it will provide financing. Dr. Andrew Steer, the last Executive Director of the world research organization World Resources Institute (WRI) for 8 years. I was undertaking.

Expressing that he feels very fortunate to have joined the Bezos Earth Fund as CEO, Bezos Earth Fund CEO Dr. Andrew Steer, climate Y nature your crises He also stated that they will try to achieve change in a systematic way by focusing on people to prevent it. Stating that creative initiatives and ideas face difficult situations due to lack of funds, Steer said Bezos Earth Fund will help initiatives and ideas Added.

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