Italy’s instruction to Tiktok to block users whose age cannot be verified

In the city of Palermo, in the south of the country, the allegations that a 10-year-old boy was strangled yesterday with the belt of the tunic that he had thrown and that the incident was caused by the participation of the girl in a challenge to ” who will last “on Tiktok caused outrage in the country.

Following the allegations, the GPDP announced that Tiktok was ordered to immediately block all user accounts in Italy that do not comply with the age verification provisions and whose age cannot be determined.

In the statement made by the institution, it was indicated that the instruction is valid until February 15 for now and that additional evaluations will be carried out until that date.

The statement also recalled that Tiktok was warned last December for not paying enough attention to the protection of minors.

GPDP also reportedly decided to intervene more to ensure the protection of minors registered on the social network in Italy.

On the other hand, although the Attorney General of Palermo initiated an investigation into the incident, it was stated that an autopsy will be carried out on the girl who lost her life.

The prosecution confiscated the phone of the girl who was found to have a user account on the platforms “Facebook” and “Tiktok” for investigation.

It was stated that the family that lost their children decided to donate their daughters’ organs and the organs would be donated to 4 children in need.


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