Italy doesn’t Use To TikTok. New Rule Restriction for Children Under 13

While TikTok continues to grow rapidly, it also brings problems.

Many countries, especially the United States, are voicing their complaints against TikTok. The Italian Data Protection Authority (DPA) filed a lawsuit against TikTok in December last year, claiming “no attention was paid to the protection of minors.” Youtube TikTok Competitor Announces Shorts He reported that Italy’s Data Protection Agency imposed an age limit for users who will participate in the application after the grave incident. However, DPA officials argue that there is a possibility of TikTok registering with an unreal date of birth, and the Chinese company did not fully comply with this restriction. DPA asked the Chinese company to take full action for age restriction control until February 15, 2021. After the Italian agency’s complaint, a TikTok spokesperson said that while not yet sharing information on how to take action, the company does not allow any content that “encourages, promotes or glorifies” dangerous behavior. Tiktok IPO was finally banned in Pakistan Pakistani authorities were given time to proactively inspect millions of uploaded content from the Chinese-based application every day. However, the Chinese company failed because it could not develop an effective mechanism, and therefore it became one of the countries that prevent implementation in Pakistan. Authorities stated that if an effective mechanism is developed by the company to block illegal content, the decision will be revised.

Which countries are banned to TikTok?

The social media giant, which was the target of the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has not been banned yet due to the intensity of the elections in the USA, but TikTok application has been banned in India and Pakistan.
According to the announced data, India, USA and Brazil are among the top three countries that download TikTok the most.

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