It sells for 250 lire a kilo!

With the warming of the climate in the Black Sea, the anchovy began to retreat to cold places and the season is over. With the end of the anchovy season, citizens turned to big fish, and the most delicious fish in March was turbot, which sold for TL 250 per kilo.

Due to the small size of the anchovies, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry banned anchovy hunting for 3 weeks and no anchovies could be found at the stalls.

After the ban was lifted, the anchovies had been on the counter for about 2 weeks, but the price was high. With the arrival of March and the warming of the climate, the anchovy began to recede towards cold parts of the Black Sea. When the fishing boats were unable to turn with the anchovies, the anchovy prices at the stalls also rose. As the anchovy season began to close, citizens began to turn to the big fish. The turbot was the most delicious fish of March. Although it finds buyers for 250 TL per kilo, Kalkan from the sea does not sell.


Fisherman Tuncay Kılıç, noting that the anchovy season is over and citizens prefer thick fish, said: “The anchovy season is over. It can be said that it is over. People no longer prefer anchovies. Now we have turned to other fish. ” . Citizens continue like this., Sarıkanat, sea bream, sea bass, salmon and other fish, 20 TL per piece, salmon 40 TL, Black Sea salmon 35-40 TL. The prices are not very high, they are normal ”, he said. .


Kılıç said that the best fish is the shield in March, “Of course, it’s shield time. One kilo of turbot sells for 250 TL. A lot,” he said.

In the stalls, anchovy costs 25 TL, sea bream 20 TL, haddock 45 TL, sarikanat 75 TL, shield 250 TL, mackerel 25 TL, salmon 40 TL, Black Sea salmon 35 TL and red mullet 50 TL.

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