Investor record broke in Qua Granite’s public offering

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Qua Granite According to the statement, the Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST) for the past 3 years, the listed company, which will debut as the largest, Que Granite is one of the largest manufacturers of technical granite in Turkey It will take place from April 5 to 6 The highest participation of investors in the public offering to date was achieved.

In the public offering with a size of TL 395 million, 15 million of the total 24 million shares sold were made through capital increase and 9 million as joint sales.

After the public offering, the company’s free float rate will be 20 percent, and after the approval of the stock market, Qua Granite’s shares will begin trading on the BIST Star Market under the code QUAGR.

The public offering, where the price of the public offering was TL 16.46, demanded TL 2.3 trillion against 139 million 132 thousand 288 units. Thus, the highest amount of demand was reached among the public offers made for the sale on the stock market.


According to the information provided in the statement, there was an intense participation of investors from all the brokerage houses in the public offering, where the method of sale on the stock market was applied, which emphasizes individual investors and equitable distribution, in the Info Investment intermediation .

An important figure was reached with a total of 846 thousand 353 investors.

Ali Ercan, Chairman of the Board of Qua Granite, thanked all investors who showed great interest in the public offering, confident in the future of the company and said: “By putting the investment that we started before the public offering, it will triple our capacity as Qua Granite as planned, we will work to increase our production and sales. ” used expressions.

Hüseyin Güler, Deputy General Manager of Info Yatırım, noted that there has been a significant increase in the number of investors, especially through public offerings, with about a third of the total number of investors participating in the Qua Granite public offering.

Stating that the concept of public offering, which aims to extend capital to the base, has found its place, Güler said: “We believe that the interest shown in the public offering will serve as a reference for the next period and will also inspire companies. . who want to go public.

We want to thank all individual and institutional investors participating in the public offering, all investment institutions that mediated in the transmission of the order for the successful completion of the public offering, and the Capital Markets Board and Borsa Istanbul for all their support in this process. .

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