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The report, published by We Are Social and Hootsuite, examines data and internet usage around the world and provides insights. Global Digital Report 2021; It covers the changes in the way consumers search for brands, the changing demographics of the online audience, the increase in the speed of e-commerce, the rise of mobile devices and their reasons with statistics.

We’ve compiled the highlights from that report, which will appear frequently on social media channels or in presentations involving internet and social media usage throughout the year. For now, the report includes platform-centric data rather than country-based data. However, country statistics will also be shared in the coming months. You can find the full Digital 2021 report here. Turkey-based data pertaining to 2020 and earlier years is included in this connection. When the 2021 data is added, it will be at this address.

4.6 billion Internet users

Today 5.22 billion people (66.6 percent of the total population) use mobile phones. Compared to the same period last year, this number increased by 1.8 percent. The number of people using the Internet is also increasing around the world. 4.66 billion people use the Internet worldwide. With this information, the authors of the report say that reporting of Internet user numbers due to COVID-19 may have been affected. He emphasizes that the number can be higher.

Turkey that we look at the private use of the Internet and we see it on average about 8 hours a day. We spent about 30 minutes of the previous year’s statistics and 45 minutes more than the previous year’s data. In Turkey, the internet speed of 34.79 MBPS is well below the world average that can be produced.


Chorme is the most preferred browser worldwide, followed by Safari and Firefox. Worldwide, the most produced content on the website ranks fourth in Turkey.

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Online shopping

Unsurprisingly, e-commerce is on the rise, with the biggest growth by category being staples, digital content, and hobby products. In the digital category, transmission services viewed by movies and television series stand out among the most consumed items.

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Time spent on social media is increasing

In the past 12 months, social media users increased by 490 million to 4.2 billion. The number of social network users corresponds to more than 53 percent of the world’s total population. Facebook still ranks first with nearly 3 billion users in the use of social media. YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram follow Facebook respectively. Also noteworthy is the high number of users of China-based applications.

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Turkey 16 to 64 years of age average daily use of social networks for users who are above the world average of 2 hours 57 minutes. A total of 3.7 trillion hours have been spent on social media around the world. The biggest motivation for people to use social networks is to be aware of news, events and events.

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The unique data of social media platforms, such as country-based access, the most popular users on this social network, the most used tags, and the most viewed videos for each social network are as follows:

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