Installation that creates colorful reflections on the snow

Japanese artist Toshihiko Shibuya has created a mix of nature and art for years. Palette snow the series he prepared this year Snow palette 13 continue with. This time, Shibuya placed 70 colored objects in the garden of The Sapporo Park Hotel in Sapporo, Japan. The work, specially designed for this garden, is once again in harmony with nature and emphasizes the beauty of the intense snow scenes in Hokkaido.

An epic winter installation: Snow Pallet 13

Snow Pallet 13 was placed in this garden on December 1, 2020. The shape and height of the objects in the installation are different from each other, and the bottom of each one is colored with fluorescent paint. The paint creates colorful reflections on the surface of the clean white snow, which acts as a perfect blank canvas. These colorful reflections are like little lights that stay pretty much the same throughout the day. Shadows of objects change depending on the time of day and the strength of the sun.

Toshihiko Shibuya explains: “An installation that changes the landscape according to the time of day, the amount of snow and sunlight, the number of objects and the different heights. I think of it as a land art based on the “temporary landscape”.

Snow Pallet 13 will remain in this garden until the snow melts in March. Until then, especially hotel guests will be able to enjoy this view in the garden or while looking out the windows.

Shibuya hopes to recall “memories of landscapes past” as she reflects on global warming and climate change. The artist started his Snow Pallet project in 2011. Snowfall has been observed to decrease from year to year. He claims that in recent years there have been inconsistent snowfalls ranging from heavy snowfall to periods without snow. It highlights that environmental problems are an urgent issue for all people.

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