Instagram will launch a special version for children under 13 years old

Although the policy of social networks for 13 years makes it easier to control the content on the platform, it makes them lose the consumers of the future. Snapchat, the darling of America’s youth, has long drawn 2030 consumers by bringing Gen Z into the palm of the hand.

Facebook, on the other hand, continues to keep young consumers in its database by hiding behind Instagram and copying young people’s favorite apps. Instagram brought stories to Instagram by copying Snapchat in 2014, and last year it introduced TikTok to its users with its reel replica.

However, it seems that; this effort is not enough. Instagram VP of Product Vishal Shah wrote a post on the employee message board yesterday, saying: He stated:

“I am pleased to announce that we are making youth work in the future a priority for Instagram and adding it to our H1 priority list.”

Within the Community Products Group, we will create a new youth pillar to focus on two things: (a) accelerating our integrity and privacy efforts to provide the safest possible experience for teens, and (b) a version of Instagram that Allow minors under the age of 13 to confidently use Instagram for the first time. ”

After the leak of this internal message, Adam Mosseri made a statement and the accusations were confirmed. Mosseri said they have not come up with a detailed plan for now, explaining that many children get permission from their families to use the apps. The company will add a familiar control mechanism to Instagram, such as Messenger Kids, which it launched in 2017.

The project will be managed by Adam Mosseri and Deputy General Manager Pavni Diwanji. Note that Diwanji was previously responsible for the YouTube Kids project at Google.

Messenger Kids is approaching correctly?

Considering the Messenger Kids crisis in 2019, it’s a question mark how safe the kids version of Instagram will be. The design flaw that emerged in Messenger Kids at the time showed that children can bypass restrictions and communicate with unauthorized connections.

Privacy advocates, on the other hand, at the time Messenger Kids and Facebook “Without verifiable parental consent or without providing clear and complete explanations to parents about Facebook’s data practices”By collecting personal information from children; COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection ActHe claimed that he had raped.

The company has increased parental controls on Messenger Kids with the features it launched in 2020.

How much does it cost to show ads to children?

Because violating the Coppa could expose the company to a financial sanction. Showing ads to children on YouTube resulted in Google’s $ 170 million fine in September 2019. In February of the same year, TikTok paid a $ 5.7 million fine for violating COPPA. Just because platforms describe themselves as safe does not mean that they are actually safe.

Still, Instagram posted at the beginning of the week. in a blog post He explained that they are trying to create a safe environment for users under the age of 13. The company collaborates with The Child Mind Institute and ConnectSafely in the USA. a new family guide published.

The under-13 version of Instagram may seem like a good idea at first for families. Children are naturally eager to experience platforms that their peers or adults frequently navigate. Making this happen under surveillance is the wisest step to take. However, this step raises important questions. Are we willing to allow children to experience this blitz of publicity that we are trying to protect ourselves? More importantly, should we allow our children’s data to be traded?

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