Instagram increases to 4 the number of speakers in live broadcasts with Live Rooms

Instagram Live broadcasts played an important role in getting through the quarantine periods. Instagram live broadcasts, which include a lot of content, from yoga workouts to live concerts and even Force Majeure, are crowned today with a new feature. With the new Live Rooms feature announced today by Instagram, the number of speakers on your live broadcasts increases to 4.

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Live Rooms also creates a new source of income for content creators. With the Live Rooms feature, followers can purchase badges to support the Influencer they love during the broadcast, or they can easily benefit from the Shopping and Live Donation Collection features.

Instagram also announced that it will add more interactivity features to live broadcasts. The company will also add features to the Live Rooms moderator controls and focus on sound in the coming months. Looking at this statement, we can say that Clubhouse-like features will start to take place on the platform in the coming months.

How does Live Rooms work?

To create a live room, you need to swipe left and choose the Live Stream option. Then, by adding a title, you can add guests by hitting the Rooms icon. Note that you can see the people who sent you live stream requests in this area. If you want, you can also search for usernames in the search bar to invite them to the live broadcast. In a sense, the part of receiving guests to live broadcasts is made easier this way.


When you start a live room and add guests, it stays at the top of the screen. As an editor, you can only add three guests at a time or individually.

In other words, it is also possible to start the broadcast with two guests and then add the third participant. You can add! We can say that going live with more than one guest will also positively affect their interaction. Because when the live broadcast begins, not only your followers are notified but also the followers of the guests.

When designing the Live Rooms feature, Instagram also pays attention to the security and privacy of its users. Users who are blocked by any of the participants of the live broadcast will not be able to participate. Users who are suspended from live broadcasts due to Community Guidelines violations will also not be able to join the Live Room.

Features such as comment blocking and notification used by live broadcasts and comment filters will also be available in Live Rooms. The Live Rooms feature is expected to be available to all users in the near future.

Although Instagram adapts the concept of Room that we see in Clubhouse to the platform, it is important that Clubhouse releases its version of Android as soon as possible to survive in the competition process.

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