Influence of Mercury Retros on signs

The name of Mercury in mythology is Hermes. As soon as he was born, he said, “Oh, what is this? On the way, he tricks Apollo’s shepherd and steals fifty cows. When Mercury comes home with fifty cows in front and behind him playing the lyre, he finds his angry parents and Uncle Apollo. Zeus, whose hand is not adjacent, will adore two slaps, and his sensitive mother intervenes saying, “Stop, I’m brave!”

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Fifty cows on the field, Hermes in his hand plays his lyre instead of giving a statement and captivates everyone with his music and speech. And as a result of the court, this idea of ​​the geniuses is given to the young man as the messenger of the gods because of his kindness. As a cheesy job, the burden of bringing the souls of the deceased to the god of the underworld is a burden.

At this point, the people in Mercury retrograde believed that it would take a long time to start a new job, as it was difficult to go back. In this process, they predicted that Mercury’s communication would weaken and disruptions could occur.

Mercury is retrograde; It is helpful to put off buying things like electronic devices, cars that describe communication and movement. Travel mishaps can occur, you may experience data loss or virus problems on your computer, you need to be twice as careful when making deals and signing important documents. Nor should you prefer to make firm decisions, and it helps to be careful when expressing yourself.

So what to do in Mercury retrograde? Ideal for finishing work if you have already started. There is no opportunity to investigate the past. Retro times are defined as good when it comes to mending your relationship with people you don’t know or who offend you.

Since this Mercury retrograde will be in Aquarius, obsolete and unfinished technology may be developed and presented again. A restructuring of rights and freedoms may occur. We can hear much better results in health by improving studies.

As a result; Mercury retrograde should not be exaggerated. We should not use it together with luck or luck. But it is useful to keep this information that has been coming for centuries in our pocket.

To be informed about what your topic will be, as well as communication interruptions during Mercury retrograde in your sign. “Effect of retro Mercury on the signs of the zodiac” You can read the article.

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