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Ceramics are quite suitable for creating interesting artistic compositions with various techniques by the hand of different artists. Multilayer Composite Ceramic by Matthew Chambers statues, Livia Marin playing with our perceptions Broken things series, inspired by nature, the organic by William Kidd shapesKenny Sing, combined with the hypnotic magic of the zoetrope Trepō project, where the vegetal, animal and human forms of Melis Buyruk come together job He showed how different works he could create using ceramics. Los Angeles-based ceramic artists Curran Wedner and Claire Wedner also Canopic Study share his surreal ceramic works.

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Ceramic mugs and vases with strange but attractive designs

Curran Wedner, a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in California, is known for her ceramics that repeatedly depict human anatomy. The artifacts, each of which becomes ambiguous and strange objects with body parts added to a cup, bowl or vase, are in a sense, with this approach, ceramics that seem as realistic as the haunting Israeli artist Ronit Baranga. . statues remember.

Ceramic vases, mugs and bowls surrounded by strange faces that appear to be part of a horror movie, sometimes with disembodied fingers adorning the exterior, create strange but equally striking patterns. Sifting the elements of nature and human anatomy into a single strainer, the artist creates works inspired by the life cycles of nature and history. It is affected by your change in the process from individuality to being part of the crowd. Therefore, it produces parts of the body that are similar but not identical. In this production process, the same mold is used for each part, but there are slight differences when the body parts are glazed and attached to the cup or bowl. It takes a few weeks to develop each piece from design to final stage.

Founded in 2017, Canopic Studio emerged to reverse ideas about functional ceramic forms. Claire is also involved in the production of the artwork designed by Curran. The couple jointly carry out the productive and commercial management. Binary, Etsy He puts new works on sale at regular intervals. However, all the production processes and designs of Instagram bill through and from the website exchange.


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