In Spain, the last statue of Franco was also removed

The last statue of Francisco Franco, who ruled Spain under a dictatorship for almost 40 years, was also removed in Melilla, the country’s North African city.

The statue in question was erected 3 years after Franco’s death in 1978. The municipality workers dismantled the statue, which was built on a brick platform, with the help of a bucket, crane and chains, and loaded it onto the truck , without any trespassing incident. The statue in question was made to commemorate Franco’s Rif War between Berber tribes in North Africa and Spain in the 1920s. Elena Fernández Treviño, the city’s ambassador for education and culture, said after the removal of the statue: “Today is a historic day for Melilla. There is no longer a public statue of the dictator Franco on European soil. “He spoke.

The only political group that opposed the removal of the statue in the Spanish parliament was the far-right Vox. Vox lawmakers argued that the statue in question was built due to Franco’s military success and not related to his political identity.

With the Historical Memory Law enacted in Spain in 2007, all traces of Franco are erased. The law in question also includes the removal of all statues of Franco that were made publicly by the state. The country’s socialist parties spent 16 months in parliament to erase the tracks of the dictator Franco, who ruled socialist Spain in 1936-1975.

All traces of Franco are erased

According to this law, in October 2019, the body and remains of Franco in the mausoleum of the Valley of the Martyrs near Madrid 44 years later he moved to the family cemetery.

It is known that during the dictator Francisco Franco, who ruled Spain between 1936-1975, great human rights violations were committed and many people were killed by unknown perpetrators. Although the exact figures for that period are unknown, it is estimated that between 200 and 400 thousand people died.

The architect of the 2007 Historical Memory Law and the grandfather of then Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez and his grandfather’s father were also assassinated during Franco’s reign.


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