IKEA posters showing how little touches change the home

IKEA is doing very nice activities during quarantine days. Among them are the playhouse guides It was one of the memorable examples. Again based on actual IKEA assembly kits for those looking for a Christmas activity at home. cookie mounting kits transmitting conquered hearts. This time There is always room for change With its titled campaign, the brand reminds us how we can add little innovations to our homes.

There is always a way to change

With these posters, IKEA reminds us that we can breathe new life into our home, where we spend most of our time, without the need for major changes. Changing one item at a time can add enough color to your home without straining your budget and the hassle of moving items.

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Eye-catching posters showing the same rooms one after another with minor changes, by Leo Burnett KSA IKEA Saudi Arabia designed as part of a campaign prepared for. With each panel, items like the artwork or the rug in that room look different. This reminds IKEA customers that the space itself can be easily modified to suit ever-changing tastes or lifestyles. This is why the title “There is always room for change” is used in the campaign text. The posters also show how a person’s room or home can change with that person from youth to adulthood. In addition to the posters, content was prepared showing the change of rooms for social networks in the form of video.

There is always room for changeThere is always room for change

Image: IKEA

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