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The iconic IKEA assembly guides often become the focus of communication campaigns. What are they preparing for the new year cookie house mounting kits and what they prepared for the quarantined children playhouse guides were the cutest examples of this. Mark, this time Disassembly instructions Reveal your sensitivity for sustainability with its teardown guides.

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IKEA encourages its customers to take a sustainable approach with “Disassembly Instructions”.

By 2030, IKEA announced that it will review each of its products for the potential for reuse, repair, resale or recycling. Monster stuff Y New chapter We all saw the traces of this approach in campaigns like. The furniture giant also aims to encourage users to take a sustainable approach. Disassembly instructionspublished. Through these disassembly guides, IKEA aims to enable users to extend the life of its products, reuse or reuse and evaluate them.

Explain the Disassembly Instructions on the IKEA website: “Extending the life of your furniture with disassembly instructions is one of the ways we build our commitment to sustainability. Whether you move in, give away or sell your furniture. Proper disassembly reduces the risk of damage and reduces your impact on the environment. Fortune favors the thrifty. “

Disassembly / disassembly manuals can be viewed and downloaded online. Current guides for iconic items like the BILLY bookcase, BRIMNES bed, LYCKSELE sofa bed, MALM table, PAX wardrobe and POÄNG chair in the air.

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Image: IKEA

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