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In recent years plastic waste problem We come across numerous campaigns and projects that attract attention. Because these wastes are now in the water we drink, in the food we eat and, unfortunately, in our bodies. Establish the connection between mother and baby during pregnancy. microplastic is detected even in the placenta we live in an age. Pascal Schelbli too The beauty He draws attention to this vital issue with a poetic approach to his film.

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Plastic creatures

Pascal Schelbli posted his 3D animated movie, which he shot in 2019 and received many awards at many festivals, on Vimeo a week ago. The film, which is also highly acclaimed on the internet, recreates debris as living marine life and thus provides a surprising interpretation of pollution. In the movie, a bubble fish made from bubble wrap, a moray from rubber debris, and jellyfish from plastic bags replaced the real creatures.

The Beauty highlights a world where trash completely captures the vast waters and enduring nature of waste. It also makes visible the insidious effects of microplastics on the ecosystem as they enter the food chain. Instead of showing the stomach of another depressing animal filled with plastic bags, it follows a more indirect and poetic method. The movie takes the viewer on a journey away from guilt, but Pascal Schelbli hopes the movie feels like we need to change something.

To other animations by the Swiss director Vimeo channel and Instagram you can browse through.

The beautyblankThe beauty

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