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Apart from the fact that chewing gum is constantly being thrown on the ground and causing pollution, it is also a serious environmental problem that takes 20-25 years to dissolve in nature. For this reason, it has become a frequently used material in recycling. Previously, when chewing gum turned into shoe soles Gumshoe to your project We include. We now have a student project that will allow the production of skateboard wheels from gumballs.

Chewing gum that comes from the streets and returns to the streets again

Project, students of L’école de Design Nantes Atlantique, the international design school of France Hugo Maupetite and Vivian fischer developed by. Its objective is to end the pollution generated by chewing gum in cities. The appearance of very stylish colored rims with this material is another advantage. The team also dreams of a speculative collaboration between Mentos, one of Europe’s largest gum producers, and the well-known skate brand VANS in the future.

How will the recycling system work?

The students plan to place cute and cute chewing gum boards at certain spots in the cities. In fact, they have already placed prototypes in Nantes, the city where the university is located. The boards invite residents to stick the gum on the ground instead of throwing it on the ground. Maupetit and Fischer have added a lottery concept to the project where people can buy discounted skateboard wheels to cheer them on. It is planned to collect the chewing gum boards every week and crush and process all the small pieces of chewing gum in a factory. When the processed rubbers are turned into wheels, they will roll off the production line with the “VANS x Mentos” stamp.

Students aim to create three different hardness wheels from the collected gum: soft, medium, and hard. Also, wheels of various sizes will be produced to fit different skateboards. The initiative aims to clean the streets in a sustainable way. “Our system may have started in Nantes, but it is designed to be used throughout Europe!” He says.


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