IBM and FUJIFILM Experts developed 580 TB TAPE

IBM and FUJIFULM engineers announced that after 15 years of work, they have developed a record 580 Terabyte tape. IBM and Fujifilm Develop 580 Terabyte Magnetic Tape IBM and Fujifilm Develop 580 Terabyte Magnetic Tape The objects of the Internet, high-resolution 4K / 8K videos, increase in the number of internet users day by day, means that the required capacity increases in direct proportion.

Even with new technologies emerging, it can be said that tape media is one of the safest, most reliable and permanent ways of storing data. Tape technology has long been the storage medium of choice for companies handling large volumes of information. Although it is thought that it is obsolete for a period, as the conditions change, hyper-scale data centers turn to the band as a strategic necessity. These large-scale service providers also need storage solutions that can hold large volumes of data for a long time. IBM and FUJIFILM partnership announced on the official blog that they have developed tape that reached a record capacity.

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The tape option is the safer option against ransomware. The use of tape will be a safe backup method for the ransomware we hear and read every day. These high-capacity devices, which have been redeveloped in line with this need, seem to be a useful option for high-capacity environments.

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