Hyundai’s vehicle wheels: TIGER

Hyundai introduced its new vehicle TIGER (Transformer Intelligent Land Excursion Robot), which belongs to its concept, which it calls UMV. This model is the company’s second vehicle in the UMV concept. The first is for passenger transport. RAISE it was named automobile.

Introduced at CES in 2019, ELEVATE, like TIGER, had the ability to move on its legs rather than wheels over rough terrain. TIGER is the first unmanned vehicle within this concept.

It is designed to explore and transport sensitive cargo rather than transporting people.

TIGER easily changes from 4 wheels to 4 legs

TIGER with the legs closed, it moves like a normal 4-wheeler. But he uses his ability to walk when the vehicle gets stuck or needs to travel over terrain that is difficult or impassable for the wheels.

TIGER has a wide range of potential uses. For example, it can be used as a scientific discovery tool in difficult areas away from city centers. To this end, it is equipped with a sophisticated wheel and leg movement system, 360 degree directional control and a range of sensors for remote observation. TIGER is also designed to be launched by drones capable of charging in areas with very difficult access. It has been designed as an ideal tool not only for scientific research but also for disaster recovery studies.

The leg-wheel joint allows the vehicle to hold the loads it carries in a flatter position than a typical land vehicle, no matter how rough the terrain is. Therefore, it is intended to be used to transport sensitive loads in extreme situations.

Other vehicles to be designed in the concept of ELEVATE, TIGER and UMV; It is also important that Hyundai develops a vision for future mobility. This concept; It will shed light on many areas, such as transportation related to health and safety, the development of robotic taxis, the development of tools to be used in research on the surface of other planets.

This vehicle was developed at Hyundai Motor Group’s New Horizons Studio in collaboration with Autodesk and Sundberg-Ferar. New Horizons Studio was established in late 2020 to develop UMV by leveraging research and innovation in Silicon Valley and other innovation hubs.

By the way, although it has nothing to do with this news, the concept of “walking vehicle” reminded me of a walking bicycle without my hand.



Images: Hyundai

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