How much is the dollar today? (March 5, 2021 dollar – prices in euros)

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The global markets are following a negative course after the statements of the president of the Federal Reserve (Fed) of the United States, Jerome Powell, yesterday.

Markets shook after Powell’s unsatisfactory remarks about raising 10-year US bond rates. Gold has reached the lowest level in the last 9 months, while the Asian stock markets and US futures are sellers, the global appreciation of the dollar is increasing.

After Powell’s remarks, the benchmark 10-year US bond rate rose from 1.44 to 1.57 and equity markets fell. The Nasdaq fell more than 2 percent, erasing its gains this year.

While the currencies of developing countries with rising interest rates also hit dollar index It reached 91.68, the highest level in the last 3 months. The TL was unable to positively separate itself from declines in the currencies of all developing countries and the depreciation of the Turkish lira continued for a time.

The president of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, Naci, said in a statement that Ağbal today, “The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey is our most important priority to maintain price stability, which is our main task and to make it permanent.” , He said. he said, aimed at price stability stated that one of the key monetary policy benefits.

After the markets closed yesterday, it rose to the 7.58 level and saw the highest level in 2021. dollar / TLToday, after Ağbal’s statements, he is looking at the 7.51 level. Euro / TL it is traded at the limit of 8.97.


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