How much is the dollar rate today? (February 10, 2021 dollar – prices in euros)

The dollar rate fell to 7.05 after 7.30, the 200-day moving average that it broke two weeks ago. While the currencies of developing countries showed the best performance with the TL gaining a value of 5 percent, the statements of the governor of CBRT Ağbal that there would be no interest rate cut and the strict stance, the decrease in the demand for foreign currency of residents stand out in the decline. in the dollar / TL.

Up to 7.14 yesterday dollar / TLToday it is hovering around the 7.03-7.04 levels. Euro / TL it is trading at 8.54 shillings.


The unemployment rate in Turkey in November decreased by 0.4 points compared to the same month in 2020 2019 was 12.9 percent.

CBRT investor meetings, which started yesterday and will continue today, are also being followed in the markets. The general expectation is that the CBRT will strongly convey to investors the messages given in the inflation report and in the Reuters interview with President Ağbal.

Experts noted that developments related to the support package in the US and the speech by US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell were at the center of the markets.

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