How much is the dollar exchange rate today? (Dollar March 25, 2021 – prices in euros)

The dollar fell to the 7.91-7.93 range yesterday after testing more than 8 lira for a while yesterday.

USD / TL It is trading at 7.96 on the new day. Euro / TL It is around 9.45am during the day.

With the removal of Central Bank (CBRT) president Naci Ağbal and the replacement of Şahap Kavcıoğlu at the weekend, there was a huge move in the currency. The dollar / TL, which rose to 8.47 in the low-volume market on Sunday night, then fell to 7.85, but began to rise again from this level. Before the reorganization, the exchange rate was at the level of 7.21.


Yesterday, Turkey’s President Erdogan AK Party in his speech at the 7th Ordinary Congress on “the past few days volatility in the markets, the fundamentals of Turkey’s economy, the real dynamics, certainly does not reflect the potential.”

We announce the policies and timetable for our economic reform program. Time is the time to work, produce and walk more towards our goals. We call on international investors in our country who trust in the power and potential of Turkey “, it was found in the evaluation.

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