How much is the dollar exchange rate today? (Dollar March 23, 2021 – prices in euros)

After the surprise decision of the Central Bank, the market, where drastic movements were experienced, will follow the possible new declarations and auctions of the Treasury of the economic administration of today.

Who managed to close the day below 7.80 after starting the week at 8.47 dollar / TLlook around 7.80 on the second day of the critical week. Euro / TL It is trading around 9.26.


Borsa IstanbulTo slow down the fall in stocks, BIST-50 has a special short sale arrangementhe announced what he was going to do.

BIST 100 Index, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) changes in the presidential seat, then went into decline on the second trading day.

The index started the day at 1,304 points down 5.4 percent and the circuit breaker was applied again. After the first circuit breaker, the circuit breaker operated a second time in the index, which decreased by as much as 7 percent after operations resumed.

After the second circuit breaker, trading resumed, with the index’s daily decline exceeding 8 percent. The daily loss in the banking index exceeded 9 percent. The two-day drop in the banking index approached 19 percent.


Today no data will be released that affect national markets. The messages of the administration of the economy and the Central Bank can be effective in the course of the exchange rate.

The experts stated that the presentations of the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, Janet Yellen, and the Governor of the Federal Reserve (Fed) of the United States, Jerome Powell, in the House of Representatives and the Senate today and tomorrow are the agenda focus, and the data agenda is about the new home. sales will be announced in the United States and the Richmond Fed manufacturing industry. He said the index came to the fore.

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