How much is the dollar exchange rate today? (Dollar March 11, 2021 – prices in euros)

Dollar – how much does the euro cost? What was the last time the dollar rate was? The latest situation of exchange rates in the interbank market.

Supported by the two-day drop in US bond yields, the dollar / TL rate was once again below 7.50.

ExchangeThe 3 percent gains experienced on the first day of the week and declines in US bond yields recovered on Tuesday and Wednesday together. USD / TLToday, it is valued at levels of 7.51-7.52. Euro / TL It is also trading from 8.99.


The dollar index stabilized at 91.8, continuing its decline with a greater appetite for risk. The euro / dollar parity, on the other hand, is trading at the 1.1930 level, just above the previous close.


In the statement made by the European Central Bank (ECB), it was reported that the board of directors decided not to change interest rates at its meeting today, the policy rate remained unchanged at zero, the deposit rate at minus 0.50 percent and the interest rate. marginal financing rate at 0.25 percent.

A change in the ECB interest rates was not expected in the market.

In the statement that the Bank is expected to continue with monthly net purchases as long as the support effect of the interest policy is required under the Asset Purchase Program, it was emphasized that abundant liquidity will continue to be provided through refinancing operations. .

In the statement, net asset purchases in the Pandemic Emergency Asset Purchase Program (PEPP), which increased by 500 billion euros to 1 trillion 850 billion euros on December 10, 2020, will continue at least until March 2022 or until a decision is made that the Covid-19 crisis is over.

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