How can I understand the reliability of the stock in the stock market?

Before investing in a stock of a company for a long or short term in the stock market, we should definitely know some of the features that we can call the company’s report card. Investing in that stock, knowing only the name of the stock and what business it is doing, is like throwing your money away. Moreover, it is risky to get information about this share from the grocery store in the neighborhood, from your barber or from your friend on the golden day. Because as information travels from word to ear, it either decreases or turns into false information. We are now in the age of technology and it is very easy to access the information of a company … The “Public Disclosure Platform” (KAP), where the information of all shares in Borsa Istanbul is announced, is the best example of this … On the other hand, all information can be accessed from the activity reports published by all companies open to the stock exchange in certain periods. In addition, it is extremely important to interpret this information. Most of the brokerage houses have research departments and they publish this information in bulletins at regular intervals free of charge. As long as we want to access information… Technology has become a fast and convenient tool in accessing information. However, there are also damages… There are also incomplete and erroneous ones in this amount of information… Unfortunately, the difficulty of the individual investor begins in an environment where there is information pollution… Wherever you get it, go to the source of the information, the information is there in its purest and most uninterpreted form. In other words, in the PDP, in the activity reports… When you enter the web page of the company you are interested in, you will definitely see an investor relations corner. There are summary data, reports and news about the company. These are a very rich area for gathering information about the company. On the other hand, certain indices have been created in stock exchanges. These indices generally contain the most traded stocks. We can say that the most traded stocks are also the most demanded by the investor, that is, the stocks most trusted. For example, companies in the BIST-100 index are generally good companies. BIST-30 indexes are also the best. Investors often turn to strong brand stocks to feel more secure. Some stocks are just around the corner. There may be an unfounded transaction or news circulating about the stock. First, it is necessary to look at the profitability, investment potential, sales or partnership status of the stock. If he is in a very grave situation, he has probably been subjected to manipulation. So someone is playing with shares. This is a crime. The share suddenly starts to fall after a while, when individual investors, who do not realize this, buy the stock. People in the market call it “poke shake”. Do not swim in waters that you do not know if you are deceived because of its beautiful color …

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