Home sales to foreigners increased 19 percent in 4 months

He refrains from staying in hotels due to the Corona virus foreign tourists from Turkey, which they see as a safe harbor buying a house getting ready to spend the summer holidays.

Sales of homes to foreigners in Turkey increased by 416.1 percent compared to April of the previous year and stood at 4 thousand 77. In sales of homes made to foreigners, Istanbul ranked first in April with the sale of 2 thousand 9 houses.

Istanbul was followed by Antalya with 859 home sales, Ankara with 228 home sales, Mersin with 197 home sales and Bursa with 131 home sales.
In April, Iranian citizens bought 557 houses from Turkey. Iranian citizens were followed by Iraq with 546 houses, Russian Federation with 402 houses, Afghanistan with 229 houses and citizens of Kazakhstan with 188 houses.


Claiming that foreign investors could not invest in Turkey coming to Turkey due to the fact that flights to Turkey were closed last year, but a small amount of proxy sales were made through some of the people they previously had Given his power of attorney, Erdal Çelebi, head of the Chamber of Merchants at Bursa Real Estate Consultants, said: “Of course, the effect of the virus on the country’s economy. Deeds of real estate purchased in the past and today they have been handed over to the rightful owners.

The interest of foreigners in our country increases day by day. Turkey is seen as a safe haven in the virus epidemic that hit the world. The 416 percent increase has not reached the expected level of increase. I expect the increases to increase even more in the coming months and years, ”he said.

Despite the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) measures and the winter season, home sales to foreigners increased by 19 percent in the first 4 months of this year and approached 14 thousand units, while representatives of the real estate sector expect sales to increase. increase in the summer months.

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