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According to the Hürriyet report, the epidemic process profoundly affected both vacation habits and working life. When families chose a private home vacation, the demand for summer homes increased with remote work. When the pandemic took effect in its second year, interest in summer homes continued and rental prices rose even further. It has even been possible to buy a house from another region with rental of luxury villas in popular provinces and districts. We speak with real estate consultants in the most preferred regions. Here is the latest situation in summer rentals:


Noting that the price increase that started last year in Bodrum continued this year, the real estate consultants said: “Last year the summer houses, which were 20 thousand TL per month, found tenants around 30 thousand TL. This year the demand continues in the same way, the summer houses in Ortakentyahşi, which last year were 30 thousand TL per month, easily find tenants for 45 thousand TL this year. The price for a luxury 5 bedroom detached pool and pool villa, which was 70 thousand TL per month last year in Bardakçı Cove, has been updated to 100 thousand TL per month this year. In some places, like Bodrum Yalıkavak, there are also ultra-luxury summer houses, which are rented in euros and whose rental price is only 350 thousand TL for 1 month. More demanding regions for seasonal rentals; Yalıkavak, Türkbükü, Ortakent Yahşi and Gündoğan. Private pool and ocean views in single-family homes and private beach in vacation spots are among the most in-demand requests. Prices in detached villas start from at least 100 thousand TL for 3 months. In places like Yalıkavak and Türkbükü, it can start from 350 thousand TL for 3 months and extend up to 1 million TL depending on the condition of the village, that is, the degree of comfort, facilities, landscape and use of the beach, ”he said.

Recently, brand-name hotel and housing projects have been rented in Bodrum. The monthly rent for the residence and villa in a project in Yalıkavak varies between 40 thousand lira and 100 thousand lira. In a 4-month rental project in Cennet Cove, between July 1 and November 1, 60,500 euros will be requested for a 2 + 1 villa, 77,000 euros for a 3 + 1 villa and 99,000 euros for a villa 4 + 1.. In different periods, the 4 + 1 4-month rent amounts to 108,900 euros. In the Bodrum Turgutreis villas, which are part of a luxury hotel chain, in June accommodation in a 2 + 1 villa is 800 Euros, and in 4 + 1 it is 1000 Euros. All the villas are said to be full in July and August when the season is high. Again, in a project in Turgutreis, 3 + 1 villas are rented for 20 thousand euros and 4 + 1 villas are rented for 25 thousand euros per month in July and August.


Alişan Palut, who works as a real estate consultant in Izmir, said they faced intense demand both after the pandemic and after the Izmir earthquake. Palut said that mostly landlords favor seasonal rentals: “The 4 + 1 seasonal villa rental in Alaçatı, which was around 90 thousand before the pandemic, reached 150 thousand lira last year and 200 thousand lire this year. In a luxury villa with a pool, the rent per season, that is, 3 months, is 300 thousand TL. During the summer vacation season, the options will decrease and these prices will increase even more. The most reasonable options are the 2 + 1 apartments near the bazaar. It’s hard to find a place below the 70-75 thousand lire band, ”he said.


Turgay Balık, owner of a real estate advisory office in Marmaris, stated that daily rentals for villas with private pools, which were 1500-1800 TL before the pandemic, have risen to 2,500 TL this year. Balık said that the daily price of villas with 6-7 rooms increases to 5-6 thousand lira, “in the mansion type and some villas, the number goes up to 10 thousand lira maximum.” Real estate consultancy Can Ağar stated that there has been an increase in summer prices for 2 years and said: “The main preference of the owners is the daily rent. Today, it is possible to find a villa for a thousand or two thousand lire in the region, but the picture is different in luxury. Ten thousand TL per day are requested in the mansion, but there is also a place with 10 rooms, a private pool and a daily rent of 50 thousand lire ”, he said.


Umit Becer, owner of a real estate advisory office in Alanya, said demand is coming from foreigners rather than locals, that Arab tourists choose luxury villas and Russians prefer more modest summer houses. Giving information about the price change, Becer said: “A luxury villa with a pool was rented in the center of Alanya for 15-20 thousand lira before the pandemic, today its monthly rents have reached 40-45 thousand lira” . Ümit Kasımoğlu, another real estate consultant in the same region, said they received large lease requests and even turned them down because there was no space left in their portfolio.

Stating that villa rentals in Alanya start from a thousand euros and luxury options are in the range of 5-10 thousand euros, Kasımoğlu claimed that the demand is mainly coming from foreigners and that the dynamism has not yet started for tourists nationals. Real estate consultant Mert Öztürk stated that weekly rentals for villas in the Kaş region increased from TL 9-10 thousand last year to TL 15 thousand. Some hotels in Antalya, which is the important direction of tourism with its all-inclusive hotels, rent their villas. 25 thousand lire is required for one night in a luxury villa in a hotel in Belek. This villa can accommodate 8 people, including food and drink.

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