Highlights in Softtech’s 2021 Technology Report

To evaluate the technological trends that are expected to increase in the coming years, it is framed in four main headings: “The future of technologies”, “Financial technologies”, “Sectors, Digitization and Humans”, “Entrepreneurship and Ecosystem”. Softtech Prepared by “Technology Report 2021“Was released.

Years of predictions in technology

According to the report’s technology radar, between 2020 and 2023, what is called the Mobile Device Period; While 5G, cutting-edge artificial intelligence, voice assistant, virtual workspaces, remote work, monitoring technologies, instant delivery, sustainability, and environmental issues stand out, AI colleagues, digital nomads, and autonomous vehicles move on to to the fore between 2023 and 2028. In the years 2028 to 2036, smart cities, digital businesses, quantum artificial intelligence and basic income are on the radar, while in 2036 to 2080; Problems of artificial enterprise, humanoid artificial intelligence, digital reality, increase in human and human life arise.

A GPT-3 article is also included in the report.

The most innovative content in the 2021 Technology Report is GPT-3, the current endpoint of artificial intelligence that has entered our lives with its advanced language processing capabilities. AI Text Production Unveiled by San Francisco-based OpenAl in May 2020 Augmented reality article written by GPT-3 technology It gives readers an idea of ​​where artificial intelligence can go. GPT-3 allows for many scenarios that were not possible before, both with the conversations it creates and with the successful articles. By introducing this technology and initiating an initiative to find an area of ​​use, Softtech conducted a successful GPT-3 Hackathon in February in cooperation with OPEN AI. The SoftTech scenario will produce the software developers who still aim to pioneer innovative technologies in Turkey.

Robots will not eliminate human labor

By 2025, the number of people and robots working in the corporate world is expected to equalize. With the increasing use of robots in the corporate world, a total of 85 million jobs will be eliminated in 26 major economies by 2025. While it is expected to create 97 million new jobs50 percent of total employment is expected to work from home. With the introduction of quantum computers into our lives in the coming years, problems that take hundreds of years to solve today will no longer be a problem.

Quantum computers to be placed alongside personal computers

Quantum computers, which are similar to reservations about the widespread use of personal computers in the early years, will be a new value to be placed alongside them rather than replacing personal computers after these stages. The journey lived and future projections of Quantum Computer America, China, Turkey, Europe and Australia are included in the axis report.

The work-from-home rate during the pandemic period reached 70 percent in Turkey

Digital nomadism is in addition to many new terms that have entered our lives with the pandemic. Anywhere in the world, the term that we can define as continuing your business in another city through online channels, traveling and remotely, will be the working model of the new generation and the future. According to the report, which highlights that many national and international companies are preparing for the digital nomadic way of working; 19 percent of Gen Z, 42 percent of Gen Y, and 22 percent of Gen X are among digital nomads. Turkey is also home to the pandemic period, 70 percent of the labor rate, our country supports digital nomadism will spread.

Flying cars will become more common in the near future

The report also estimates that the era of flying cars in urban transportation will become more common in the near future. In the world, more than 300 startups are working on electric flying cars, and 30 percent of them aim to start commercial air taxi service in the next 5 years.

5G technology will be like water, electricity and even air after 2025

Ongoing studies for its implementation 5G technologyAnother expectation of the report is to have a technology that changes our lives. Unlike previous generations, 5G is not a telecommunications standard to be used in other industries; It will be an industry standard developed to meet the needs of all sectors, especially agriculture, healthcare, automotive, energy, education, entertainment and finance. After 2025, when it will be widely used, its absence as water, electricity and even air will be unthinkable.

Entrepreneurship will also be the main focus for institutions

While the report examines technology in multiple dimensions, it addresses entrepreneurship as the primary focus. It is emphasized that the focus of companies on national and international ecosystems and the direction of the flow of capital to companies have an important place in determining technologies and business models. It is noted that the effort and desire of institutions to cooperate with initiatives, support them with incubation and acceleration programs, invest, buy and create internal initiatives, inevitably increase. One of the most important reasons for this is the growth achieved by companies and the consequent financial valuations reaching levels that will affect national economies It looks like.

In Technology Radar, the report, which includes the writings of the experts with whom the Softtech offices in America, China and Germany are in contact with the relevant ecosystems; There are also technology trend predictions in four dimensions, namely business life, artificial life, digital life and physical life, dating back to 2080. It is emphasized when technology trends will be on the radar in the dimensions of Decentralization, Banking, Fintech / Techfin and Institutions.

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