Here’s the real picture in economics; ‘Antidepressants, suicides and bankruptcies …’

The economic crisis has gradually deepened due to the epidemic. 95 citizens who lost their jobs and had financial difficulties in the last two months ended their lives. In 2020, 99 thousand 588 merchants and 40 thousand 735 companies were closed, the real number of unemployed reached 10.7 million. Not one person in a household, but more than one person in debt.

While the economic crisis was deepening due to the epidemic, 95 citizens who lost their jobs and had financial difficulties in the last 2 months in 2021 ended their lives. According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, 99,588 merchants and 40,735 companies were closed in 2020, while the real number of unemployed reached 10.7 million. The firing ban, which was first announced on April 17, 2020 to reduce the economic effects of the epidemic, will end in mid-May. With the ban, thousands more are expected to join the army of the unemployed.

7 people ended their lives in Kocaeli in the last 10 days due to financial difficulties. On January 31, musician Erdem Topuz, father of two children, and Mehmet Mert El, a 29-year-old musician, who had been unemployed for a year on February 19, committed suicide in Izmir. In the two months we left behind in 2021, a total of 95 people committed suicide.

According to the news from Zehra Özdilek of Cumhuriyet, CHP Vice President Veli Ağbaba, CHP Ankara Vice President Gamze Taşcıer and Workers’ Occupational Safety and Health Council (İSİG) assembly member Pınar Abdal made the following statements:

’80 percent poor ‘

Veli Ağbaba, Vice President of CHP: Our real unemployment has exceeded 11.2 million. Millions of people who are unemployed, struggling to earn a living, and unable to care for their families now see suicide as the only solution. In almost every household in Turkey there is no longer just one person, several people must. If the reduced-time work allowance is not maintained until after the pandemic, mass layoffs are inevitable in the following months. Short work allowance must continue, but unpaid leave slavery and code 29 layoffs must end. In addition, the support provided to employers from the Unemployment Fund during the epidemic period should end, the fund should be used only for workers.

‘The Ministry does not give us data’

Gamze Taşcıer, MP for the CHP of Ankara: We scanned the local newspapers in 81 provinces one by one and found that at least 95 people committed suicide in January. Although we ask how many times the ministry does not give us data. The main cause of suicides are undoubtedly economic problems aggravated by the conditions of the pandemic.

Pınar Abdal, member of the İSİG Council: Unemployment peaked during the pandemic period. There are more than 10 million unemployed. It is necessary to consider 5 million people who are busy but not because of the pandemic. During the period of the pandemic, so-called layoffs were prohibited. But during this period, the unpaid leave was used as a weapon. In this context, 2 million people on leave without pay were taken. On the other hand, dismissals with abuse are widespread in Code 29. These are the tip of the iceberg. We also maintain records of workplace and work-related suicides. We see that 80 percent of those who commit suicide are poor people according to TURKSTAT data. We see an increase in suicide rates with rising unemployment and poverty rates in Turkey. Unemployment, debt, insecurity and pressure at work are the main causes of suicides. It is obvious that these numbers will increase even more if the measurements are stopped.

‘There is an upcoming crisis over Turkey’

CHP Ankara Deputy Pharmacist John Taşcıyan is drawing attention to the increased use of antidepressant drugs “may not appear in the palace, but Turkey has a great depression,” he said.

Drawing attention to the increase in antidepressant use, CHP’s associate pharmacist Gamze Taşcıer said: “While 49.8 million boxes of antidepressant medications were sold in 2019, this number increased to 54.6 million in 2020. The rate of increase is terrifying. While the rate of increase from 2018 to 2019 was 1.8 percent, the increase from 2019 to 2020 was 9.6 percent. Considering that these are prescription drugs and people hesitate to go to health institutions due to the pandemic, it is obvious that the number of citizens who need to use antidepressants is actually much higher. Taşcıyan claims that he is facing an unprecedented crisis in Turkey, “resulting in the rate of antidepressant use increasing to an extraordinary level. Turkey’s AK Party breaks the psychology,” he said.

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