Those who do not allow civil politics, consciously or unconsciously, put oil in the hands of non-civil politics.

Nedim Şener constantly screams with foam at the mouth and fire in his eyes. It’s like in one of Shakespeare’s plays, not in public. His story is endless. Leave neutrality in the so-called neutral zone, where there are so-called 2 opposing participants, and the message “the neutral will be eliminated” is given.

The journalist, who entered the “swimming pool” on this last train, who wanted to show how knowledgeable he was of the friend and especially the enemy, says “Look sir, the party that closed in Spain.” He does not remember the name of the party, or give details of what happened in Spain. However, everyone knows that it is about the Batasuna party, which is the Political Party of ETA.

We are talking about the “Herri Batasuna” party, the political arm of the ETA Organization (Basque Country and Freedom), which has soaked the autonomous (yes autonomous) Basque Country for years.
The party obtained a maximum of 1.15% of the votes in the elections in which it participated from 1979 to 1996. In the system without the threshold, a maximum of 5 deputies were sent to the Spanish parliament. The voting rate remained at these levels from 1996 until its closure in 2001. The party is known as a Basque nationalist.

What do the Basque parties think that are not prohibited in Batasuna Basque Nationalist?
It may surprise you, but they are also Basque nationalists.
So there is Batasuna on one branch of the same root and other parts on the other branch.
Batasuna, which was eventually closed as part of ETA, also received a negative response from the ECHR and went down in history. However, within the federal and autonomous structure of Spain, the Basque nationalist parties always govern the Basque Country. Like Catalonia.

We are talking about Catalonia, where Barcelona, ​​which we know best with Messi, is the capital. Things are a bit more complicated here. Because the problem of nationalism in Catalonia is leaving Spain. In fact, while we were mourning our 13 martyrs, the Catalans once again elected this separatist party in the municipal elections in Spain.
Can Spain set an example?
It would be according to the government spokesman, Nedim Şener.
But there is also a style of position in the power block.

Just write what works for the facts.
You would not write that Basque nationalism has always won in the Basque Country. It does not write that Batasuna applied for the ECHR and received a negative response. We are talking about the same ECHR that acquitted Selahattin Demirtaş of his political activities and advocated for his release from prison.

The decisions of the ECHR are like Nasreddin Hodja; The fact that the ruling party is blind and deaf, that it loves and eats when it is born, is actually due to its blinders and its loud screams.

What the poet says: Geography is destiny.
Let’s ask the people of this country if the coast of the North Sea of ​​Sweden or the Mediterranean. Aegean or English Channel? Black Sea? The hazy weather of England? Is it the frozen sea of ​​Germany or Bodrum?
Who among us wants to leave this country? Who among us suffers for our country?

If a Kurdish commander like Selahattin Eyyubi has made his mark in the history of the Middle East, wouldn’t the official thesis “There are no Kurds” for decades require self-criticism?
Is it possible to leave an issue that has been happening since the founding of the Republic behind the back of a little man born in 1970 and escape responsibility?

If the PKK is the Kurdistan Workers Party, why does the HDP call itself the People’s Democracy Party? If we turn our backs on the HDP, put it and all its components in jail and cover it up, what will we have besides the PKK?

Those who do not allow civil politics, consciously or unconsciously, put oil in the hands of non-civil politics.
Yes, Nedim Şener is right, Spain is a good example. An example showing that those with the same root can have different branches. An example that shows that the way to destroy terrorism and its organization is not to suppress the facts.

It is an example that shows that trusting the ECHR while a party is closing makes it necessary to also have a politician. Turkey will be obtained from the witch hunt carried out through the HDPE result, civil policy strengthens the olmayag judicial recourse.

It must be accepted that both HDP and PKK come from the same root, but that they will bear different branches and fruits.
The antidote to the poisonous fruit that will come from the PKK branch is to water the branch of politics, civilism, and legitimacy.
The first and most important stage of this is objectivity.
The only thing that can be done to regain this long-lost character of power is to believe in democracy.

Analysis, Veysi Dündar 19.2.2021

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