Having opened in the UK with the purchase of Dock9, what did MagiClick experience during this period?

One of the most important design and digital technology companies in our country MagiClickbased in london Pier9in january when did you buy we transfer. Today, we’ll take a closer look at MagiClick’s journey to date and the Dock9 acquisition process.

Operating as a technology and design company that has played an important role in the digital transformation processes of large companies since 1996 MagiClickIt has a team of 160 people. London, istanbul Y DubaiBased on the information we got from MagiClick, which has offices in In 10 countries He carried out many digital transformation projects.

User to clients research Y Username experience design By offering solutions such as software development and systems integration, MagiClick primarily offers solutions such as corporate portals, web-based and mobile digital banking applications, content management applications, intranets, and e-commerce applications.

MagiClick has clients in the banking and financial sector, as well as in sectors such as telecommunications, fuel, aviation and food. Based on the information MagiClick shared with us, the company, Turkey, Brittany, Train, Unified Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Egypt Y AzerbaijaniServes more than 30 financial institutions in n.

Among them Akbank, Denizbank, HSBC, Fibabanka, QNB Finansbank, Guarantee BBVA Investment, IS Investment, Kuwait Turkish, Odeabank, Thebes Investment, Turkey Finance, Vakifbank, Structure Credit Y Ziraat Bank such as having a wide portfolio of clients where the main financial institutions of MagiClick Turkey, except the bedroom Work table Audi, Abu Dhabi first Work table Y QNB He worked with major banks such as.

Total turnover from MagiClick, currently serving as a digital business partner for major banks in the UAE, Qatar, and Lebanon. Almost 25 percent of them are foreigners Let us also indicate that it has been obtained.

It has been a more developed and larger market for about a year. Planning to open an office in England MagiClick, in its evaluations, decided that the best way to enter this market for the company is to make a purchase that can form a quick foundation for the company in terms of both the organization and the customer.

Following the decision, MagiClick investigated companies in the market and, as a result of this investigation, its clients include major financial institutions such as Aetna, Assurant, Arch Insurance, Castle Trust Bank, Kensington Mortgages, Masthaven Bank, Tradex, Virgin Money. Made an offer to Dock9.

With the agreement of the two companies, in January 2021 Pier9You have joined MagiClick. At the end of a short integration process, in the second quarter of 2021, Dock9 is now “MagiClick London“Let’s also share that you will continue your life.

Building on the Dock9 acquisition, it enables MagiClick to integrate with a structure that already dominates the market dynamics in the UK and is operating successfully. Another reason to buy Dock9 is in the UK, especially credit institutions Y safe in the field of important one client to the portfolio and have a conscience.

Based on the information we have obtained from MagiClick, this acquisition has been paid to the company compared to opening an office. plus gives an acceleration corresponding to less than 3-4 years is being considered.

MagiClick, aiming to stay one step ahead of its competitors with its ability to see the big picture and its industry experience, looking at the projects it undertakes in an integrated manner and achieving 100% growth in the UK market for next 2 years, aims to increase above 50 percent. MagiClick’s long-term plans include becoming one of Europe’s leading digital expertise and technology agencies.

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