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Embroidery Y canvasToday, it has become the methods that each artist has changed according to his own technique and the subject on which he focuses. Evelin Kasikov is one of these artists. Sample XXXX Kasikov explores all the variables of CMYK printing without a single drop of ink in this project.

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An inkless printing catalog: XXXX Swatchbook

Sample XXXX primary, secondary and tertiary colors; It contains two dozen combinations that show how the combination of these affects the final pigment. The catalog also includes the full spectrum of rich gradients. In the print-oriented book; There are 4 basic shades, 16 elements, and 400 color swatches, consisting of 219,647 hand-made stitches. The catalog took about 6 years to complete.

The catalog consists of three-dimensional color works created with stitches. Color stitches arranged precisely in the style of dots used in four-color printing. The artist applied the cross stitch technique used in cross stitch to create this resemblance.

He describes the creation process as follows: “I prepare the image in InDesign or Illustrator. Then I sewed the design with CMYK colored threads by punching through the paper. My print resolution is about 3-4 lines per inch, which is of course very low compared to the 300 dpi resolution used in conventional printing. “

Each page includes geometrically placed swatches as well as handwritten details about the CMYK values. The spine that connects the pages of the book is also formed by a vibrant gradient from magenta to cyan.

The “XXXX Swatchbook” is the old school of Kasikov born during his postgraduate studies at Central Saint Martins and influenced by his experience in advertising. CMYK embroidery a book that he built on his project. According to Kasikov: “When you add tactile qualities to graphic design, it changes the perspective. The color structure can be touched. The print image becomes three-dimensional. A flat page comes to life, so to speak. “

The artist’s work Website Y Instagram you can follow.

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Picture: Evelin Kasikov

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