Half of Turkey’s exports from Istanbul

The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) survey “100 Istanbul”, the city’s exports in 2020, tax collection, home sales, finance, electricity consumption, start-ups, tourists and 19 indicators such as the number of universities compared to their participation in Turkey.

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According to the investigation, the exports made by Istanbul companies in the period January-December last year were close to 82.8 billion dollars. So we carry out 49 percent of the exports of Turkey İstanbullu companies.

Istanbul companies, which are collected throughout Turkey in 2020, paid 833 billion pounds for 46 percent of the taxes. Consequently, the amount of taxes paid in Istanbul exceeded TL 383 billion.

As of December 2020, 348 thousand of 918 thousand taxpayers in Turkey, that 38 percent is in Istanbul. The number of taxpayers on income in Istanbul in Turkey, the proportion was 26 percent.

According to the investigation, as of October 2020, 5 million 644 thousand active policyholders are working in 4A, 4B, 4C systems in Istanbul. While this number is 24 percent in Turkey, the number of insured active employees in Istanbul, EU member Croatia, is more than Ireland than the population of Finland.

Other results of ITO’s research “Istanbul in 100” are as follows:

17 out of 100 new homes sold in 2020 and 18 out of 100 second-hand homes found buyers in Istanbul. During this period, the number of homes sold to foreigners in Istanbul, Turkey accounted for 47 percent of total sales at 19,175.

In the period from January to September, 39 percent of bank loans were made in Istanbul. 41 percent of the deposits were collected again in Istanbul.

The January-November 2020 period of 35 million MWh of electricity consumption in Istanbul, Turkey, amounted to 212 million MWh. Istanbul electricity consumption, electricity consumption 16 percent of Turkey’s share took when provided.

Turkey in 2020 is establishing 101 thousand 318 companies, of which 40 thousand 129, that is, 40 percent chose to invest in Istanbul. During this period, 64 percent of foreign-owned companies were established in Istanbul.

According to an investigation by the car title in Turkey in 2020, 1 million 38 thousand 905 registered motor vehicles to traffic carried out. 354,539 of this, or 34 percent, carry the registration code of the city of Istanbul, “34.” In 2020, all traffic from one of the vehicles was in Istanbul, Turkey 3.

As of June 2020, 47 out of 77 private higher education institutions in Turkey are located in Istanbul. Thus, Istanbul, home to 60 percent of the foundation, is creating higher education institutions in Turkey.

According to the tourism title of the investigation, 5 million tourists entered Istanbul from the Istanbul airport and seaports in January-December 2020. Tourist arrivals to Istanbul accounted for a 39 percent share in Turkey.

The number of foreigners with a residence permit in Turkey 834 thousand 589, while the number of foreigners in Istanbul was 382 thousand 278. The number of foreigners with a residence permit found in Istanbul, Turkey was 45.8 percent of the total.


İTO President Şekib Avdagiç demanded “positive discrimination” about Istanbul in his statement, saying: “It is time to affirm affirmative action in Istanbul to turn this reality revealed by ITO’s ‘Istanbul in 100’ investigation into a global reality. “. We should not be afraid of positive discrimination in Istanbul, because although affirmative action has a negative connotation, a new jump in the economy can be an important base point ”.

Avdagiç noted the following:

“Istanbul will produce 7/24 of a misali continuous value-added factory for all countries. Taxes within the safe country of Istanbul, export price, bank sırtlıyor finance all Turkey transmitted to the system. foreign businessmen, the number of tourists with parameters such as the gateway to the world the face of Turkey.

When we evaluate it in this sense, feeding this city with additional incentives and with more opportunities in the fields of health, safety and education, taking into account its population, will contribute to both the production and the profitability of the entire country. Because this city is a bowl of abundance that multiplies every penny you invest by two or five. This is where the phrase “stone earth gold” comes from.

Stating that there are two reasons for the claim of affirmative action in Istanbul, Avdagiç“In the wake of the pandemic it is poised to take full advantage of one of Turkey’s biggest assets is Istanbul. This was the case in the past. Three compromised empires in Istanbul, east and west, has become a strategic supply and logistics base in the south to the north.

Second, Istanbul needs you to produce more, export more, and develop more innovations. Every step that magnifies an economy in Istanbul, Turkey’s economy will also add great value. Its success will also create synergy and mobilize in the Anatolian provinces, “he said.


ITO President Avdagiç recalled that Istanbul received a share of 30.7 percent of total GDP with TL 1 trillion 327 billion 452 million according to Gross Domestic Product on a provincial basis in 2019 by TURKSTAT.

Istanbul, the financial and industrial capital of Turkey and the meeting point of the three continents Avdagiç said, “By 2020, the airport welcomed the largest number of passengers in Europe today. Istanbul airport can fly more than 120 countries.

It is possible to reach 146 destinations on different continents in three hours. In 2020, Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport welcomed more than 40 million passengers, including direct and in-transit. This means that Turkey is one of the two airline passengers overall.”

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