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The world would be a much better place if we could erase the weapons of the world. Not just real weapons, but also toys and virtual weapons that encourage you to arm yourself at a younger age. On the other hand, it is not surprising that in such a primitive world where humanity has not been able to achieve this, works of art and design have emerged that speak the word using the concept of weapons or weapons. Pedro Reyes transforms weapons that have lost their function into musical instruments Disarm his project was one of the unforgettable works of art in this sense. Tadas maksimovas Emotigun The motorized emoji gun that was called was a colorful work that made visible the effect of social media on our mental health with physical blows. What Yi-Fei Chen puts there as a visual metaphor Tear gun It is one of the most remarkable works of recent times.

Tear Gun origin story

Graduated from the Eindhoven Design Academy Yi-Fei Chen His inability to defend himself and his work when speaking resulted in inherent disappointment when confronting the academy professors. Tears were the only thing she could get out. Following this incident, the designer designed this tear gas pistol to show his personal struggle for your opinion. This is actually Chen’s graduation project in 2016, which was a success back then. It was also on display at Dutch Design Week at the time. However, it has recently become popular by finding frequent places on content sites.

The Taiwanese designer notes that he grew up with a strong sense of authority, and disagreeing with teachers about his education was rude. Therefore, when he came to the Netherlands to study a master’s degree, he had a difficult time questioning his teachers. Also, although this is something that the Eindhoven Design Academy often encourages.

According to the designer, the difficulties of living as a foreigner in another country cause high pressures in the work environment. These pressures had been building for 18 months before finally coming to a head in one of the midterm presentations. During the presentation, an instructor asked Chen to prepare more work in a short period of time, which was impossible for him. However, he couldn’t muster the courage to say it out loud and tried to get the job done. He was soon disappointed by another presentation, in which the dean of the school told him he was not ready. When a classmate stood up and spoke in Chen’s defense, Chen thought that what he thought of courtesy had turned into weakness; “I was too emotional to control myself, I couldn’t hold back the tears, so I cried. I turned my back on others because I didn’t want people to see me cry. “

Let’s talk about the working logic of the design … It takes three stages to work. The user must first wear a mask-like accessory that can collect tears in the silicone chamber. Tears that build up are instantly frozen in this setting and can therefore be loaded into the gun. In the end, frozen tears can be shot with a pistol. In fact, I don’t know how healthy it was that the designer suddenly went from such a sensitive and emotional story to metaphors related to violence like the gun and the shooting. I leave you the decision and I comment on that matter.

Although Yi-Fei Chen is not as popular as this design, he also has other eye-catching works. For example, what he described as a social escape tool forgive me one of these. Again, it started with the epidemic and is still working on CoV19 The project named as one of the interesting ones. As part of this project, the designer produces couture accessories for protection.

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