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Digital fashion, which emerged from the combination of technology and fashion, spread to great masses with the effect of the pandemic. Little by little, the digital identity of the human being was expected to get ahead of its physical existence. However, the pandemic accelerated this process. Increasing the time we spend in our homes by reducing physical contact has led to more use of digital tools and more time to play. In addition, the issue of sustainability has become one of the most discussed topics on the global agenda due to the pandemic. Therefore, the fashion industry, one of the most polluting industries, resorted to a more ethical restructuring. All of these developments have strengthened the digital fashion market where people buy clothes that don’t really exist. When we look at the examples in terms of the game world, the Louis Vuitton designer’s special costume for the League of Legends character what he designed we were witnesses. Gucci is also exclusive to augmented reality The Gucci Virtual 25 Makes a sound with the named sports shoe design.

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Gucci enters the world of luxury virtual footwear with “Gucci Virtual 25”

The Gucci Virtual 25 is a virtual luxury shoe that is also applicable to game apps like collaborated Roblox and VRChat. These shoes are much cheaper than a typical Gucci design. Gucci mobile app for $ 12.99 or augmented reality sneaker app By Wanna Kicks It can be purchased for $ 8.99.

The Gucci Virtual 25 was designed by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele. It is a very assertive shoe with its neon green and pink colors. As with all Gucci designs, these shoes carry the iconic “GC” logo.

Gucci Virtual 25

Gucci collaborated with Wanna, a company specialized in “ARketing”

A collaboration was made with Wanna, a company specialized in ARketing (augmented reality technology for marketing), to bring the shoes to life. Wanna Kicks, the augmented reality shoe sales app I mentioned earlier, is also an app that belongs to this company. The shoes can be tried on virtually at Wanna Kicks and can be purchased for less than at the Gucci store. But those who want to use it in game apps like Roblox and VRChat should also purchase the $ 12.99 version of the Gucci app.

The fact that Gucci and Wanna offer these different versions with different use rights is reminiscent of the system in the increasingly popular NFT market. I think this is an important sign that the world of digital fashion will inevitably integrate with the NFT universe.

Gucci Virtual 25

Visual: Gucci

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