Gold quarter, how many TL? (February 22, 2021 current gold rate prices)

The week we left behind saw a sharp drop and saw the lowest levels in the last 7 months price in grams of gold, It completed the week at levels of 397 lira.

Rising in the new week gram of gold, It is priced at 410 liras.

In the same minutes A quarter of gold sells for 670 lire, the gold of the Republic for 2,669 lire.

Price of an ounce of gold It is located at the level of $ 1,807.31.

In the country today The capacity utilization rate Y real sector confidence indexwhile abroad, the Ifo indices will be followed in Germany. world coronavirusDevelopments related to e are followed.

The data to follow in the markets today are the following:

10:00 Turkey, February Sector Confidence Index, Real Sector Confidence Index and Capacity Utilization Rate

10:00 Turkey, foreign producer price index in January

12.00 Germany, Ifo business indices

16.30 USA, Chicago Fed National Activity Index for February

18.30 US, Dallas Fed Manufacturing Index for February

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In global markets, this week will follow the evolution of the support package that is expected to be implemented in the US and the presentation of the president of the US Federal Reserve (Fed), Jerome Powell, in the Senate.

In the markets, which followed a mixed course last week, it is noteworthy that US 10-year bond yields and oil and copper prices continued to rise.

Analysts, on the last trading day of last week, markets if morale and investors at the opening of the new week, the international rating agency Fitch Ratings raised Turkey’s rating announced after closing whether oil and presented optimism about the upward trend of commodity prices It was reported.


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