Giant bees crashing into the house like a Bigumigu nightmare

Habito, an online mortgage broker founded in 2016 to help people struggling with mortgage applications, recounts all of these nightmarish processes with unique campaigns that we immediately understand as belonging to Habito. Based in London, working with Habito since 2018 Uncommon creative studiohas achieved a brand specific texture in its campaign adventure that has been going on for almost three years. The agency is also the creator of a comprehensive innovation process for the company, from advertisements to social media campaigns, from a website to a new logo. had been.

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Giant bees representing the uncertainty of interest rates.

The company describes the difficult, tedious, and challenging process of people’s foreclosure struggle with funny, not-too-heartwarming images, as evidenced by YouTube’s age restriction. Hell or Habit continue to follow the steps of your campaign. The company offers fixed-for-life mortgage options. I inhabit one The campaign, like the previous one, contains exaggerated scenes of brutality.


Giant bees appear in the animated commercial to represent rising interest rates. Typically, a dramatized Habito ad depicts a mortgage victim who was hit by a needle due to uncertain interest rates. Giant wasps, which literally devour humans, begin to sting the owner of the house, who takes care of his garden. The quiet environment suddenly turns into a nightmare. With an increasingly dark sky, bees attacking, scenes of blood and brutality, everything is turning to hell.

At the end of the movie, which informs that payments will be fixed during the mortgage period with Habito One, the protective shield around the house is used to represent this situation. It calms down again and becomes a quiet place.


Client: Habito
Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio
Production Company: Andy Baker Studio
Direction: Andy Baker
Executive Producer: Lucia Davies
Character Design: Serge Seidlitz
Animation: Simran Singh
Sound: Wave Studios
Postproduction: Time-Based Arts
Music: Theodore
Media Agency: Goodstuff

Visual: Vimeo

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