Getir becomes a unicorn with a $ 300 million investment from Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global

Demand-based grocery delivery initiative Bring it, It received an investment of 128 million dollars last January. The company is now on an investment tour led by Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global. Investment of 300 million dollars I take. With this investment tour, Getir’s valuation is It was 2.6 billion dollars. Thus, the company reached the level of unicorn. Let us remind you that Sequoia partner Michael Moritz had previously participated in the investment tours of the personal investment vehicle Crankstart and Getir. 7 of the 8 funds that participated in the previous round also participated in this last round.

Founded in 2015, Getir’s revenue increased fivefold in 2020. The company has recently started operations in London, followed by Germany and the Netherlands. Getir is serving his second month in London in the next few days. According to the listener, the steps that the company will take in the financial technology field are behind the 3-fold increase in valuation in a short time. We will see the steps to be taken by Getir, who has accelerated his preparations in this direction, together in the next period.

Let us briefly remind you of the investment tour the company received in January. Crankstart, Base Partners, Revo, Tiger Global, Goodwater Capital, Fiba and Those Holding had joined. The valuation of the company reached 850 million dollars after the investment of 128 million dollars. Additionally, on the previous investment tour, employees were offered the opportunity to become investors based on the demands of Getir employees, and more than 250 Getir employees partnered with Getir out of their own savings.

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