GAME + Powered GFN Service Pricing and Launch Date Announced

Turkcell Y NVIDIAcooperate for online gaming service and NVIDIA GeForce NOW with GAME + technology they announced their service to you in January, we transfer. Through this collaboration, the long-lasting NVIDIA GeForce NOW service NVIDIA GeForce NOW with GAME + technology Turkey will serve the nameservers.

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It was previously shared that NVIDIA GeForce NOW powered by the GAMEPLUS service, which began the beta process with a limited number of users in February, will be officially available in March. Based on the information we have obtained, GeForce NOW powered by GAME + technology, Basic, Launch of the special 3-month benefit package Y Cousin with 3 different package options March 15, 2021 will be available.

First stage of GeForce NOW powered by the GAME + service angry in number user acceptance will be Let’s add. Users who pre-register on the GAME + website will be invited to the platform in turn, according to their registration date. At the beginning, the purchase of the package will be open to a certain number of users “package purchase You can takeUsers in the “status” will be notified by email and SMS.

NVIDIA GeForce NOW bundle pricing with GAME + technology

If we talk about the packages, the Basic Package will be available for free, You can play games on the platform for 1 hour. It allows. In the basic package RTX option disabled and that the server will serve a certain reserved capacity. If the servers are full, users must also wait in line.

Designed for 3 months The Launch Special Premium package is priced at 149.7 TL has the label. In short, the package, which is offered 3 months for 49.9 TL per month, allows you to play games with priority access rights, extended session duration and RTX support.

If you want to buy the features offered with the Launch Special Premium package for 1 month, you will get monthly 74.9 TRY The Premium package comes out with a price tag. When the Launch Special Premium Package expires for 3 months, you can continue to use the platform for 74.9 TL per month.

Remember that the required GeForce NOW service was first made available in February 2020 in Turkey. The GeForce NOW Free Package, which offers two different packages, paid and free, is priced monthly. It was 5.49 euros. Basically the same version of the service, running through servers in Turkey powered by NVIDIA GeForce NOW Game +, is a 74.9 monthly subscription per service.

In summary, if we calculate the current exchange rate, the price of the paid version of GeForce NOW is in our country. From 5.49 euros to 8.40 euros out of. Yes, the servers take place in Turkey, it offered a much more successful gaming experience, but I wish it had been done with a more reasonable price for the Premium Package. Finally, let’s add that next week we will share a video where we will experience the NVIDIA GeForce NOW powered by the GAME + service.

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