Free application where you can track who and how your personal data is used: Rita Personal Data

The protection of personal data has recently taken the lead among the concepts to which each of us attaches the most importance when using the Internet and mobile phones. Today, we have memberships on many platforms and we inevitably share our data with these platforms. Although companies present the terms of use at the membership stage, none of us reads them and we do not know where, by whom and what our data is used for, or we have already given them this permission in the first place.

In recent years, Facebook’s head was burned due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and many users ended their Facebook membership. Similarly in the last month WhatsApp, users who want to confirm the message from the data that could be used in Turkey, thereafter WhatsApp users Signal’s emphasis on privacy, was oriented towards applications such as Telegram . There were serious losses in the number of WhatsApp users earlier this year.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Frankly, I have no problem using my data, because what we call “data usage” means that your data is used for ad targeting, without being used by others. Sometimes we say, “My phone is listening to me and announces what I am talking about and what I am calling.” In reality, what we call data usage turns our phones into peepers.

Provides a detailed analysis of the destination of your personal data.

Of course, this situation is disturbing to many, whatever happens. People don’t know how many companies have shared their data and how much they earn from their data. Rita’s personal data The so-called mobile application provides us with all this information for free.

First of all, let’s say that Rita’s personal data is completely free. The platform has an “advanced” membership, but for this, you are asked to bring 3 new people to the platform, not money. Google, Apple, etc. to use Rita. In addition to memberships, you can choose the option to become a member by email. After creating a membership by email, an activation number arrives at your address and you create your membership by entering this number in the app. When the membership begins, Rita promises that she will not use your data in any way.

You can control your membership on whatever platform you want.

After logging in to the platform, you can connect your desired account to Rita and see how your data is used. I chose Facebook, which has a criminal record, and examined what happened and how. It took me about 5 minutes from my Facebook account to transfer her data to Rita. During this time, you should not close the application. After my data was transferred, I learned how much my account was earning to others, how many companies my data was shared with, the cookies that followed me, and much more. You will understand what I mean by the image below.

You can choose the platforms you want to stop sharing

You can get this information for many different platforms. But it is not just this information that Rita offers. The platform also wants to help you. When entering the application, you can select the platforms on which you want to stop sharing your data and communicate with them by email. Rita has prepared this email for you, but it is good that you read it before sending it.


While doing this, Rita also uses the gamification method. For instance; When you block 5 companies, you earn 1 point. When you reach a certain score, you are offered premium options.

Rita App storeand Google Play StoreYou can download it from.

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