FÖŞ wrote: I wonder if anyone thinks about the economy.

After the hard defeat of the GalataSaray last night, I had an uncomfortable night due to my indigestion and my terrible refusal to stay in the bottle. But, I woke up once in the morning, the sun was early, the birds were singing and the scent of the roses did not pass. Tricky like a hyena, the improvement works in Turkey, especially in human rights reforms, and the return to rational management of the economy is causing me great concern, it is almost a question of survival. Fortunately, none of these scary scenarios will happen.

My dear President, with whom I never lost confidence and who walked behind him with determination even on his worst day, did not leave me without a reward after this difficult night. Fire Naci Ağbal overnight and tear down the Istanbul Convention and throw it away! Breh breh, that’s what Babayiğit would be like.

The Economist has opened a special page for Naci Ağbal, and the whole world is praising CBRT. “Wait, let’s see,” said my president. “I will not give you a turkey” … “The enemy of my enemy is an AMSA friend, the friend of the enemy is my enemy.”

That week

  • Thanks to the HDP closure case, meaningful cooperation with the EU has been a dream. The customs union negotiations took place in 2041.
  • While the number of Covid-19 cases surpassed 20 thousand on Friday, we had a meal with the seriously ill and the low number of intubations. It is true that the 3rd Wave that started in Istanbul will soon spread throughout the country. Now only tourists come from Zaire and Patagonia.
  • While US Ambassador Satterfield once again recalled that the S-400s were close to being a priest to the United States, President Erdogan was teaching Putin to tune in to Biden.

Looking at all this, when I think about tomorrow, I only think of one possibility: My Dear President and Dear Brother Bahçeli, who saw that it is impossible to fix the economy and make peace with the United States, opened the door to early elections. People are hungry, sick and miserable, but it doesn’t matter in terms of electoral dynamics. Because the choice will be based on “values ​​(the woman’s place is at the end of her husband’s series)”, the Constitution, the FETO, Islam and the PKK. Sure, if this sweaty, exhausted animal eats.

He does not eat. These radical steps were taken in such an environment that it will be like an enema with dynamite delight. First, let me repeat the phrases that will go to that date, which I used this morning in my short analysis on Naci Ağbal and the Istanbul Convention, but I will use it one more time because I like it very much:

“We live in days when the epidemic worsens and social distancing measures are delayed to reduce the damage to the economy. If anyone thinks that this violent epidemic will not hurt the economy, go to a psychiatrist. If the official data cannot document the damage, let TUIK renew itself ”.

There are 20 thousand cases a day, experts say we go to 30 a week, then 60 thousand. Do you think it’s reasonable for people to walk through lay-lay-lom, country-market-mall-bar-coffeehouse like nothing happened? Does a tourist come to a country that writes between 20 and 60 thousand cases a day? Even if you want to come, do you send to the state?

So, before the earthquake on Friday, we lost SMEs, the service sector and the tourism industry. There is a mass burial in May.

There will be a stir in the markets on Monday. I wrote over and over again: “The biggest mistake in life is to think of yourself as clever and others as stupid.” The trust fund that invests money in Turkey once again manages seven heads. The entire world press knows the resentment against Ankara, which misled them. Relations with the US-EU are priests, the threats of sanctions are like dark clouds on the horizon … What will happen? The hot money will come back to the door. CBRT was unable to accumulate a foreign exchange reserve of one dirham. How do we prevent the dollar / TL from rising to 8-9? Berat going back to his days and selling the coin that was not ours 3 times? They don’t eat it either, coaches don’t bathe twice in the same river.

You know, maybe in “normal times” we would restrict mwaps and run until early elections, but times are abnormal. US bond yields reached 1.70%, says Fitch, “The Fed begins to reduce its asset purchases in the second half of the year,” says all markets yusuf yusuf. Worse still, the dollar index is also starting to heat up at the edge of the field. Soon he will enter the game and test the 95-100 band. Turkey needs to be rewritten the next 13 months to finance from $ 190 billion to at least $ 10-20 billion in external debt and the current account deficit is not included on the fragile list. There is a separate list: “The doctor said what he ate” list.

Why does everyone make pillowcases, why doesn’t they have currency instead of TL in this country? Because there is no trust in politics. Your right and left are not clear? Deposits in foreign currency will also be scarce.

Göya complained a lot about the business world Naci Ağbal and said “We cannot breathe with these loan rates.” As they say, this boss, who borrowed $ 300 billion and buried it in residence, might think that way. Now, they will be whatever they want, I’m sure Şahap Brother relieves them with little interest. Could banks, which have already accumulated bodies of fish on their balance sheets, give more credit?

Worst of all, the third wave started all over the world except the US Before the HDP shutdown case, Naci Ağbal, and the Istanbul Convention disasters, our work was very difficult. Now we move on to the double arrow.

The greatest asset of a politician is his luck. If there is no chance, he will become prime minister at the age of 80, just like the late Ecevit. My dear President has always had a good relationship with the Goddess of Luck. But they said that everything has an end, the chorizo ​​has 2. I think the Goddess of Luck left my president in the 2019 local elections.


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