FÖŞ wrote: Fragile Five left, Sick Triple arrived

You are nothing in the world of economics unless you give a new name to a term that is well known these days and is used by everyone in a way that everyone understands. Stop taking the Nobel, you are not even invited to give a speech at the vision meeting of the businessmen of the Transylvanian Chamber of Commerce, the newspaper The Voice of Communism from Pülümür does not write the headline “The famous economist spoke about the threat that will destroy the world. ” Look, Jim O’Neill made up a phrase called BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China), he hasn’t even checked his bank account since.

The Big Plane of Economics FÖŞ “stands out” for its historical and unique contributions to literature these days. (I love this word, if something catches my eye, I’ll sink it, but anyway.)

First, I emphasized that we cannot save the economy if we do not allow ourselves to be fooled by the West saying “We need an external anchor”, and I have repeated the same refrain from a hired traitor for 31 years.

Then I destroyed the scene with my second bomb saying “What is good for America is bad for emerging markets”, I destroyed Mosul.

And … now … prev … Leave it … for … my man … FOSH …

Yes, here I say: “The fragile five are gone, the triple patient is here.” Those who follow Emerging Markets (GOP, Countries GOU) are known, including fund managers who got caught in the cesspool up to the GOP’s nose and went to the stomach the day before, “Who will sew the tail tomorrow? ” Once again (Morgan Stanley) coined the phrase “The Fragile Five.”

Brazil, Indonesia, India, South Africa and Turkey this quintet formed by design councils “I’m bankrupt”, I will say so delicate and fragile it was made up of five countries. Then the Fed minted money again and opened the WBA, jealous of him, until cocks creaked from the pipes, a massive tearing event.

This time the GOP is back in the ball’s mouth. While hot money inflows out of China come to a halt in March, the IMF is constantly warning of a financial crisis, because rising US dollar and US dollar interest rates mean EMU will resort to monetary tightening early and the government will take more expensive loans. The bars in New York are risky, but “after hours”, like our Esenler, after midnight, the fund managers who are amazed in the wedding halls run by Nigerians are again betting on which country will return to Zombiland for lack of vaccine. The three candidate countries are far ahead of other countries. But let’s be fair, a Democratic Congo, a Zimbabwe, a Mali can outperform these candidates, but the world doesn’t care. Because there is no health, no vaccine, no White Man.

This patient Triple India, Brazil and Turkey. Or HiBrT … How but “hybrid”. Hybrid because we are dying of “hybrid” viruses. During this week, four thousand samba players lost their lives every day in Brazil due to the Brazilian variant. The most dangerous of all known variants is this bad boy. India is next. Yesterday, 153 thousand cases, 833 people walked into the arms of Buddha. But because the vaccine and test / population ratio in India is measured in decimals, only Vishnu knows how many hundreds of thousands of people go to “who shot”.

Let’s take a look at the exchange and stock market behavior of these countries. You will see that Turkey and Brazil share the following two statements and reflect the concerns of the fx’n epidemic. India is almost as if it has never seen Covid-19, because it will grow 11% this year. But it will not grow. We will not be able to grow in Brazil either. Let’s hear why from Mr. Fahrettin Koca:

“Vaccination is a problem not only in our country but throughout the world. All the calculations made surprised everyone. There is a great vaccination war. The contracts are not fulfilled ”.

Yes, while rich countries produce enough reserve stocks to infuse all citizens not only arm, but also vein and butt, when it comes to us, wait your turn.

With new mutants appearing every day, it is almost impossible for the Sick Triad not to increase the number of cases. For example, 3 days ago a variant carrying a double mutation was found in India. The British variant is still dominant in Turkey, but our work may make it difficult to exit soon replaced by the more difficult South African counterparts. Furthermore, “letting some people lose their lives while the economy survives” is also a misconception. Both India and Brazil generate some income from tourism, although not as much as we do. Brazil is a leader in agriculture and mining, one of the sectors most at risk of spreading the epidemic. Unsanitary working conditions in India’s software, call rooms and low value-added industry are practically a single infection.

There is also a “breaking point”. I did not invent this. They also call it the “cliff suspension effect” or the “snowball effect” in economics. There comes a point, the number of cases that go on a more or less linear line explodes. Because; the health system is tired, hospitals are full, oxygen and palliative medicine are exhausted. Brazil has passed this point. There are no vaccines and the fund managers will sell more Brazil. I’m waiting for India to hit a breaking point this summer, but they have a strong pharmaceutical industry. Perhaps, Modi’s prioritization to fight the pandemic with perseverance can mitigate the damage.

As for us, Nuray Babacan writes that this Monday, President Erdogan will announce the complete closure of the entire Ramadan. I hope it’s true. Otherwise, we record tourism, which cuts at least 4-5% of GDP this year.

Why did the Sick Triad turn into this? Listen, because there are very important lessons to be learned from this review.

The President of India, Narendra Modi, the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, and my dear President are all in the same opinion: populist, authoritarian and unscrupulous leaders who are not “naive” enough to jeopardize economic growth. for a few victims.

Jair didn’t even admit the existence of the disease. Modi filmed a movie that he is very familiar with in India and said that the epidemic ended in the summer, and immediately ran to party demonstrations. Lebaleb, but vegetarian and lebaleb with curry. You know the situation with us.

Jair took malaria medicine like Trump. Modi got hooked on the famous alternative medicine and home remedies from India. This was not enough. It caused the misconception that “the virus in us is weak, it will not cut us off.” Erdogan’s two biggest mistakes? One, by hiding the cases last summer, played a role in the second spread of the disease not only to the whole country, but also to Russia and Germany through turits. Two, saying that the vaccine will arrive at any moment and the epidemic will end, forced people to relax.

Here’s the mighty presidential system, here’s the charismatic leader, here’s the one-man regime for you. If they also searched the graves, would the parliamentary system win?


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