FÖŞ said: 5 risks that cloud the March horizon

5 risks darkening the March horizon

The burst that started in US bond yields affected not just the Turkish lira, but all risk assets. But the only risk that is not waiting for the Turkish economy looking at Marta. There is a fight with the 5 horsemen of the Apocalypse:

  • First assembly: Covid-19 cases exploded, there is no normalization, the tourist season in danger
  • Second Atlı: Internal politics: Berat Albayrak is not the only political risk, we will await the Great Congress of the AKP on March 24th.
  • Third rider: Joe Biden. The United States has returned to our region at full speed. In addition to the S-400 sanctions, Russia-Iran relations will also affect us.
  • Fourth montage: rising EU bond yields and zero risk appetite. Hot money can leak again.
  • And the last horseman: this rebound in energy and raw materials ruined the balance of payments.

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