BusinessForeign Investor Assessment by Cengiz Özgencil, Founder of the Platform for International Cooperation

April 11, 2021123 min

Cengiz Özgencil, Founder of the Platform for International Cooperation, conducted an assessment for foreign investors.

Last month, the XI Bosphorus Summit, which brought together ministers, ambassadors, consuls and businessmen from 43 states in Istanbul, shed light on global uncertainty with the top names in the field.

Cengiz Özgencil, founder of the IPU, whose views were given in the statement, stated that the XI Bosphorus Summit was completed with physical participation and hybrid sessions due to the significant investment in technological infrastructure due to the epidemic.

“The number of foreign visitors was well above our expectations. Ministers from 43 countries, ambassadors, we welcome businessmen and bureaucrats. Our main businessmen from our country and ministers discussed the future of the world with foreign opinion leaders. In My impression I have said it very clearly, Turkey, global After the epidemic period, if it can carry out the reforms in the fields of economics and law, which our President emphasizes, it will once again become a center of attraction for foreign investment.

In the sessions, we personally witness the trust of the representatives of foreign countries in our country. If we can overcome the difficult period with the least damage, as a country, we will increase foreign investment again. This phrase is not expressed by me, but by the managers and decision makers of the global giant companies. As the Bosphorus Summit, we seek the answer to the question ‘how can we attract more foreign investment to our country?’ 2022 will be a year in which the future of our country and the world will be forged.

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